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Using 3D glasses effectively at home

The first 3D motion videos were developed in the late 1890s. A 3D video adds a third dimension (depth) to what you see and the experience is more realistic. These days, most movies are released in 3D modes and you will be given special 3D glasses to enjoy the effect. Most people assume that they can watch such 3D videos only in theatres. They are wrong. A lot of televisions and computer monitors help you achieve 3D effects at home. You need to invest in the right appliance and then have the right glasses to enjoy the same in your living room.

Most brands create basically two types of 3D model of glasses – active and passive. Passive glasses are usually given out in theatres and these come with red and blue lenses that filter out different lights, giving a 3-dimensional appearance. Active glasses are usually battery powered and these have shutters that shut down images to each eye multiple times a second, providing the same effect. If you want to enjoy these glasses at home, you will need the right device for it. Lots of televisions allow you to watch 3-dimensional videos with your glasses. If you kids love 3D movies, buy 3D glasses for the entire family and enjoy great movie sessions every time at home.

Find the right 3D glasses in Singapore and watch amazing videos at home

Samsung is a brand that has created a lot of models of 3D televisions. You can choose from LED or LCD models of TVs that are equipped with 3D facility from this brand. Once you have gotten your hands on such a TV, you can think of getting Samsung 3D glasses. Not all glasses are compatible with all models of televisions and monitors. This is why choosing the right pair of glasses is important. These 3D glasses are active in nature and work with projector TVs too. The high response crystal lenses help avoid strain in the eyes when you watch videos for a long time. You can watch videos from up to 10 m, which is great. Most good brands ensure their glasses are lightweight and comfortable on the eyes.

It is now very easy to buy 3D glasses in Singapore now. You do not have to drive around looking for shops that sell them. Online shopping from Lazada will save you time, money and a lot of effort. All top brands of glasses are listed here on the same page and all you have to do is go through product descriptions, find your favorite and place an order. Once that is done, Lazada gives many benefits to you including cash on delivery and free shipping. You can get the glasses home delivered without paying anything extra. After delivery, you can check the glasses out and if you find them incompatible with your device or unsatisfactory in some way, returning them back is also easy. The 14-day free returns policy comes to your aid.