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Fabulous fresh bread choices at Redmart

Bread is a universal favorite with everybody. They have multiple uses. They can be eaten in many different forms and along with a lot of different preparations too. They can make for a wholesome breakfast with veggies or meats. However, it is essential to get good quality and naturally made bread. Since this product is such a crowd favorite, there are many brands that make bread with artificial flavors and a lot of preservatives. Quite often, they are hard and dry. It is better to spend slightly more and buy fresh bread that is made with the best ingredients. Redmart is the best place to order any kinds of loaf bread or even sliced bread. It has a plethora of choices. So, get ready to explore!

If you are a fan of white bread, then check out the Enriched white bread. It is baked with high protein flour and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is high in vitamins B1, B2, B3, calcium, and iron, and does not contain any trans-fat. It is perfect for making a sandwich. However, if you want to get the flavor of whole grains, then go in for wholemeal bread. They are available in both loaf form and sliced form. They are tasty and nutritious and are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Today, there are options in toasted bread too. These light and crispy textured slices of bread are naturally rich in fiber. They go well with eggs or even simply with butter.

Make your own burger with a plethora of options in buns

If you like burgers but have never made them at home because you did not get the perfect bun for it, worry no more! Here you will get a wide array of buns and rolls to make burgers. They are also available in white bread form as well as in whole wheat variety. None of the buns have any trans-fat so don’t worry about extra calories. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try out the cream bun. Made with creamy butter and crunchy sugar crystals, these buns make for a great snack at tea time. They are good for digestion too as they are high in iron, calcium, and vitamins.

Shop for all kinds of bread from Redmart on Lazada as it offers island-wide delivery, all days of the week, between 7 am to 10 pm. Its freshness promise on these bread products comes with a money back guarantee. You can get all these at the cheapest prices here. We offer a storewide price-match guarantee. So, is our competitor giving you an identical item at a lower rate? We will pay you double the difference then. Plus, LiveUp members can save a lot of money as they get a 5% rebate on every order and products are delivered to their location without any extra charge on orders over SGD 40.00. So, forget about wading through traffic and polluted roads, and get these fabulous varieties of bread at the best prices from Redmart on Lazada.