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Audio Cables Singapore

If music is your companion, then audio cables are the backbone of them. Audio cables are an essential part of your MP3 players, speakers, PCs, laptops, etc. In technical terms, cables bind audio-video systems together. Signals pass through this component. Audio cables come in handy in a variety of situations, whether one is looking to set-up a home theatre, public address system or a stereo. Audio cables connect TVs, VCRs and stereo receivers.

If you are looking to buy audio cables online, Lazada Singapore is best suited for you. Visit Lazada and you will find an array of choices, tailored for every needs. Buy digital audio cables, 3.5mm audio cords, replacement headphone cables, pioneer portable cables and much more. After you search your type, you can select any product listed therein. Furthermore, you can filter your choice by brand, discount, price and other criteria based upon your discretion. Shop for audio cables in Singapore from Lazada and get the best deals on the best products.

Various Digital Audio Cables Available at Lazada Singapore

Getting audio cables can be a confusing task, but Lazada makes it easier with its wide variety and intelligent filters. First of all, you need to know what device you need your audio cable for. Once you know that, simply look for the audio cable best suited to that device. Look at our list of the five most commonly used audio cables and their functions. Buy digital audio cables and other types of audio cables and avail Lazada’s free nationwide delivery and 14-days free returns.

    Stereo Cables

  • Use: If you own a tablet, mobile, laptop, PC, radio or any other type of portable media device, this one is for you. These cables are handy to connect a portable device to an audio system or speakers. If you are looking for a 3.5mm audio cord or replacement headphone cable, checkout Lazada’s online store.
  • Brands: The stereo cables are available from brands such as Ugreen, Toslink, Van Den Hul, etc.

    Coaxial Digital Cables

  • Use: Coaxial digital cables use RCA Connectors. These are used to link a CD player or music player to a receiver. Buy digital audio cables from Lazada and get amazed by offers and discounts.
  • Brands: The coaxial digital cables on Lazada come from popular brands such as Van Den Hul, Beats, DITA, etc.

    Optical Digital Cables

  • Use: Optical digital cables can be used to send audio from a TV to a receiver. They are somewhat similar to Coaxial Digital cables and can connect a CD player or music system to an integrated amp. or receiver.
  • Brands: The wide array of optical digital cables at Lazada come from renowned brands such as Ugreen, Toslink, YBC, QED, etc.

    RCA Audio Patch Cables

  • Use: If you need to connect an older component to a newer one, then these cables are from you. This is because these have been in existence since the 1970s. These are primarily used in sub-woofers.
  • Brands: The RCA audio patch cabes are available from different brands such as Vention, AudioQuest, OEM, etc.