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Shop Baby Essentials From Lazada Singapore

One of the most exciting moments for a couple is the birth of their child. For a family, the baby’s birth symbolizes joy and innocence as the child becomes a central part of their lives. This happiness also goes side by side with maturity, as the parents gain added responsibilities in taking care of the baby. This also include knowing and purchasing the top basic needs of their baby that will help make the child more comfortable in the early and most fragile parts of its life.

The most basic necessities for a newborn child are baby clothes, diapers, baby formula, baby bottles and other baby products. Parents often buy these first for the baby, and they will need constant supply of them until the baby reaches its toddler years. Lazada Singapore understands these needs, that’s why, we offer a product line of all the baby essentials that every parent will need. Check out Lazada’s exclusive baby shop online for effortless and hassle-free shopping!

Baby Needs You’ll have to Buy for Your Toddler

As the baby grows into a young toddler, it is important to give them a bit of leeway and let them play. Whether it is in the confines of your home or at the greens of a park, it is a good exercise for a baby to run around, get some sunlight and have fun. A play pen with a few baby toys is a good equipment that will give him space to run around, while still protecting him and letting you keep an eye on him. Eventually, you may want to put baby gears, strollers and chairs on your car and house, so that your kid can be secured when you leave for long distances.

Score a great deal of baby toys, baby gears, baby clothes, diapers, potties and a whole lot more at Lazada Singapore! Everything needs to be taken cared of when it comes to your baby’s needs. Shop for baby essentials only at Lazada Singapore, country’s leading online shopping platform. Avail any baby product and just wait and sit around as Lazada deliver your orders right at your doorsteps for free. Lazada also offers 14-day free returns. Shop at Lazada now!

    Dress Your Angels in Cute Baby Clothes

  • Items: Baby clothes include items like shoes, socks, rompers, over-all, terno set, and hooded blankets.
  • Use: Primarily used to protect the baby and make them feel comfortable.
  • Brands: Get baby apparel from brands like Enfant, Carter's, Beverly Hills Polo Club, and Lipton Classic.

    Furniture for your Little Ones

  • Items: Furniture like cribs, strollers, carriers, and walkers are just some of the important furniture you should get for your baby.
  • Use: These items keep babies safe in one place and for quick transport.
  • Brands: Companies like Giant Carrier, IRDY, Chicco, and Graco are some of the trusted names when it comes to baby furniture.

    Feeding Needs for Your Bundle of Joy

  • Items: Items like baby bottles, pacifiers, nipples, cutlery set, and training cup are essential when it comes to feeding your little ones.
  • Use: These items are needed to feed babies with enough milk and other necessary fluids.
  • Brands: Avent, Tommee Tippee, Dr. Brown's, Babyflo, Mimiflo, and Coral are just some of the brands where you can get your little angel's feeding needs.

    Your Baby Stay Fresh with these Essentials

  • Items: Keep your babies squeeky clean and fresh with diapers, wash, cream, wash cloth, cologne, and comb and brush set.
  • Use: Needed to maintain baby's fresh and clean feeling all-day.
  • Brands: Get your baby's hygiene needs from brands like Huggies, Mamy Poko, Johnson's and Johnson's, Aveeno, Nenuco, and Lactacyd.