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Baking tools and accessories make baking fun, easy and delicious!

Baking is a specialized cooking method which basically uses the prolonged dry heat of an oven and is sometimes also done on hot stones and hot ashes. Baking can be combined with grilling to create a hybrid variant called barbecue which uses both the methods simultaneously. The most important tool needed for baking is an enclosed space for heating the food, typically an oven. The fuel can be coal, gas, propane, wood or electricity and the adding and removing of items from the oven are usually done with an oven mitt or a peel, which is a long-handled tool. The equipment still being used for baking is Dutch oven which had originally replaced the cooking jack and it is a combination of hangover oven and pot oven. Few other essential baking equipment includes baking tins, cooling rack, cutters, icing smoother, good mixer, greaseproof paper, food processor, measuring spoons, mixing bowls, pastry brush, and spatula. Also, there have been several innovations made by different cultures, like the adaptation of steam baskets by the Asian cultures to reproduce the effect and blend of baking but at the same time reducing fat. The market for baking tools has greatly expanded in Singapore simply because of their simplicity, ease of use and versatility. It is also a fact that people are more health-conscious these days and no food can be as healthy as baked or grilled ones.

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Reinvent baking with several new baking tools and accessories

A sugarcraft pastry tool is basically an icing or decorating nozzle that gives you the liberty to explore your own ideas of design on cakes without making a mess. Each of the nozzles is designed differently to break the monotony of similarly designed cakes. The nozzles are mostly made of stainless steel of high quality which ensures the durability of the product and is ideal for icing and decorating cakes as well as making biscuits, chocolate, cookies, jelly, etc. There are over 35 different models of nozzles available in the market that can perfectly suit your decorating needs.

A batter dispenser, on the other hand, neatly deposits the correct amount of batter, thus helping in making consistently sized pancakes and cupcakes which bake very easily. They are mostly made of plastic and can be washed easily by hand. The soft grip handle is to be pulled to dispense batter and upon releasing the handle, the flow of batter stops. Also, there are easy to read measurement marks on the side of the dispenser in ounces, cups or milliliters, thus making it easy to mix the accurate blend of batter. So, baking just became a piece of cake!