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Nothing like stylish and cozy bedding for sweet dreams!

For a good night’s sleep, the right kind of bedding is extremely important. Bedding also refers to bed linen, which must be of premium quality if you want maximum comfort and luxury. Bedding is essential as it prevents the dust or pollen from getting stuck to the mattress. It is also done for a lot of other reasons like hygiene, warmth, protection, and decorative effect. Bedding can easily be removed and washed whenever you want. While changing the product, people use different sets and patterns until the previous one is washed and dried. Thus multiple sets of bedding can be washed in a rotation seasonally to improve comfort and hygiene too.

Bedding in most Singapore homes usually consists of a flat sheet to cover the mattress, a blanket or quilt, pillows, bolsters, pillow covers, and extra covers for decorative pillows. The duvet cover can also be added to bedding. The pillowcases or pillow shams come in various sizes and attractive 3-dimensional designs. To add extra insulation in cold seasons, you can add another blanket to the bedding. You can now buy bedding without stepping out of your house, by visiting the online portal of Lazada that offers free shipping and 14-day free returns.

Consider bedding as attractive room decor!

Cotton hotel pillows and King Koil bolster are the most selling products on the market today. Hotel rooms are mostly availed for the comfort factor and most of the time guests spend their time on the bed. This is why it is essential to give an attractive bedding arrangement at hotels. The pillows and bolsters need to be soft and tender for a comfortable nap while giving a beautiful flavor to the room. These products are lightweight white, satin weave or flannel cotton/polyester blends. Linen or silk are used to make pillows as well. Goose or duck feathers are additionally stuffed inside the pillows for more warmth. However, this method is rarely followed in some countries. Natural and synthetic alternatives, cotton, wool or polyester batting are commonly used as fillers. 

Bolster is a long and narrow cylindrical pillow. It is usually used to give support for your arms as an armrest. It can also be used as bed decorative. It is usually filled with down or feathers for decorative purposes or lumbar support when lying against the headboard. They come in various sizes and materials. The bolsters make for the best decor if bought in pairs and placed on the corners of the seat or bed. They are easy to handle. They are lightweight and can be carried around even by the kids. Children seem to love the bolsters for their shape and size. If you have kids at home or planning to give a royal decoration at your hotel room, then you should definitely get a pair of King Koil bolster! You can now buy all of these and more from the brand you like by logging on to Lazada. The website is easy to browse and you will have a great time shopping here.