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Enhance Your Body with Makeup Products in Singapore

As spring draws near, we all are little fearful with the idea of exposing our long-covered bodies. Well, who doesn’t want to flaunt a glamorous body and get sun kissed? Your body is no different than your face. The way you care for your face, your body deserves the same. Makeup looks a million times better on skin that is hydrated so it is necessary to apply the right kind of lotion to your body which suits your skin type. Body care products like lotions, sprays, creams and much more are important to add to your daily routine.

When you think of making your skin glow, you think of dusting on a powder. But you can do the same with just the right amount of gel bronzers also. Body bronzing gel can do wonders to the body. They deliver a realistic glimmer of color but are so lightweight that you don’t feel like you’re wearing any makeup, which is especially nice on those sweltering summer days.

Say Goodbye to Dull Skin

Fight dullness and cover imperfections by applying a self-tanner available online at Lazada but first, find the right formula for your skin type. For dry skin, a gradual tanning lotion will help to moisturize the skin and will avoid patchiness. And for oily skin, a mousse or gel is best because they sink in quickly for fine results. Different weather forecasts call for different formulas. Like If you will be in heat, use a spray self-tanner or waterproof body makeup. They don’t rub off on your clothing. In the cold, preferably a moisturizing body makeup should be used.

With body shimmers and glitters your body can actually glow the way you have always wanted it to. Why not glam things up and shine like a star. You can find various types of body shimmers like shimmer mist, shimmer oils online in Singapore at Lazada in a suitable price range. Similarly, body glitters have their own benefits and give you a shiny look which looks just amazing; they are also available in different colors. The ancient art of non-facial cosmetics has never been so simple, sensual, aromatic and just plain fun. Order these beautiful products from Lazada where you get free nationwide shipping and free 14-day return policy.