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Protect your valuable phone while driving with car mounts

At some point or the other, you must have faced a situation when you are driving your car and you have a call or you are using the directions on the phone to detect a location, and have to use your hand to hold the phone as well as change gear. Using a phone like this can be very dangerous while driving, as it can be distracting. Now, drive safe with quality car mounts that will hold your phone in position so that you can see the map and get the directions. A car mount will help you to keep your phone in your view or where ever you want it to be. Also, it is safer than leaving the phone on the dashboard while driving from where it might slip and fall causing damage.

Car mounts are available in many forms and sizes so that you can choose the one that is right for you. The width of the holder is usually adjustable and will help you to use it for smaller phones as well as bigger phones. There are many types of car mounts that function in different ways. The car air vent mount holder offers a strong and robust mount for the mobile phone for instance. The holder is fixed to a rotatable head that will let you tilt your phone in all directions. This car mount is ideal for charging your phone while you are driving. The two sides of the cradle of the car mount are fixed with soft anti-slip silicone gel that will hold your phone firm even when the car is passing over a bumpy road. Car mounts in Singapore can now be conveniently bought from Lazada at reasonable prices.

Buy car mounts to enjoy safe and risk-free driving

Using a mobile phone while driving is restricted in many countries as it distracts the driver’s attention, and attracts penalty when identified by traffic authorities. But there are times when you need to read the directions or follow the navigation on the phone. Hence, using a car mount is a safer option since you will have your hands free to operate the car and you can set your phone at the eye level, concentrating both on the road as well as on the phone. One of the unique and most innovative models of car mounts is the anti-slip mat phone holder. This product clings to the surface of the dashboard with its base and on the top holds the phone and other items like keys and pens in place. This mat is very useful as it is very easy to attach and remove. They are completely heat resistant and are washable.

There are many leading brands that offer quality car mounts today. Some of the leading brands are GEL, REMAX, Homester, Blue lans, Louis Will and so on. You can find the products of all these brands at one place by logging on to the online portal of Lazada Singapore. They also offer free shipping and 14-day free returns for a wonderful shopping experience.