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Are you always running late? Do you find it difficult to be anywhere on time? Then all you need is a clock which will help you to be punctual. The clock is one of the most ancient human inventions. Before clocks were invented, sundials were used to keep track of the time. Of the different kinds of clocks that are available today, the most common clock is the digital clock. It uses a digital display for numeric representation of time. Most digital clocks that are found today use an LCD or LED display. An interesting feature of the digital clocks is the indoor temperature indicator. This feature allows you to know the indoor temperature without any hassle. The calendar feature is now very common in clocks, which displays the date accurately. You now have digital alarm clocks to choose from as well. It is same as that of a normal digital clock except that it allows you to set alarm without any hassle. This kind of digital alarm clock is now becoming very famous as the digital display is quite large and is visible from a distance also. This digital alarm clock also comes with the facility of temperature representation.

The most common type of clock which can be seen in almost every house or railway station or bus stop is the analog clock. It has moving hands of the hour and minute which move over the arranged numbers. This was the first kind of clock which was invented after the sundials. Another modern clock is the auditory clock. This type of clock uses computer-generated voice or human voice to tell the time. This type of clock is generally used for large areas where the time is required to be announced. There are also multi-display clocks in which you get both the digital and analog clocks in the same place. It is useful for those who find it difficult to check the time from an analog clock.

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