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Lenovo Singapore Delivers the Best Laptops in the Market

The next time you check for laptops and computer brands that are available in the market, better check out Lenovo for their quality electronics. The brand’s laptops are powerful devices, specifically built for long work and school hours. Lenovo is one of the leading electronics brand in the market right now. The company ensures that their consumers always get what they paid for, may it be in design, features, or specifications. This worldwide brand gives you the best that they can offer – always.

Lenovo's Laptops are well-rounded computing machines

The brand’s latest line of portable computers varies in form, but these share the common feature of being built to last. Their premium products, their notebooks, are sleek in design, and fast in performance. In terms of specs alone, the brand’s netbooks don’t even feel like netbooks – more like powerful computers in smaller sizes. Finally, the brand’s hybrids may be bulky, but you’re assured one tough device.

Lenovo’s laptops aren’t just the impressive devices they have on store. Their computer components, accessories, and other devices also live up to the people’s expectations, further proving that they are one of the top brands in the world. While their portable computers are greatly designed for professionals, other users may also find that their laptops are very effective for other fields. The brand’s devices show power in design, and reliability in their specs. No matter what way you look at it, Lenovo is a solid powerhouse in the computer business.

Why choose Lenovo Singapore ?

  • Lenovo is a leader of professional-based computer products in the world.
  • Their devices are very durable and are built to last
  • Despite the brand’s high-end nature, some of their laptops are quite affordable

    Lenovo ThinkPad Series

  • Product details: The brand’s flagship laptop series. The notebook’s tough design houses all of Lenovo’s premium hardware. The high-end specs allows the device to run fast speeds
  • Technical specifications: The ThinkPad runs either Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS on a 2.1GHz processor. The laptop has 1TB of internal storage, with 4GB of RAM. The laptop also displays HD resolution
  • Available brands: ThinkPad X240, Lenovo ThinkPad X

    Lenovo IdeaPad Series

  • Product details: Lenovo’s premium features housed on a netbook. This portable laptop is made to be the perfect Internet computer. Fast Wi-Fi speeds, optimized LAN connection, and other features
  • Technical specifications: IdeaPad runs Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 OS. The processor clocks in at 1.9GHz maximum processing, with 2GB of RAM.
  • Available brands: IdeaPad S110, IdeaPad G4070

    Lenovo Flex Series

  • Product details: This bulky laptop series can double as a tablet PC by “flexing” its keyboard 360-degrees at the back of its monitor. The touchscreen interface is also quite responsive
  • Technical specifications: This hybrid runs Windows 8 OS on a strong 2.0GHz laptop processor. At 13 inches, this tablet may be huge, but this device is powerful at 4GB RAM, with the latest graphics available
  • Available brands: Lenovo ThinkPad Flex, Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14, Lenovo Flex 15D