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Men’s and women’s fashion trends that you must know

It is a common belief that women are more likely to keep up with fashion trends than men. The constant modifications to their fashion sense to match up with current trends show that such a belief has a basis in fact. Unlike men, the majority of the modern high fashion women will buy fashion magazines and attend runway fashion shows to have access to new trends as soon as they are unveiled. On the other hand, men will wear any outfit as long as they are comfortable with it without taking into consideration the trend. Men’s and women’s fashion trends are therefore inspired by the different attitudes that men and women have towards fashion.

Women are expected to look good. There is a lot of pressure on them be glamorous and that has seen the female style trends moving towards outfits that drape over the female body in such a way as to hug their curves accenting their beauty. In addition, the fashion world floods our lives with information through magazines and television shows offering expert tips to women on how to look glamorous and where to find the latest trendy fashion dresses. On the hand, men’s magazines will highlight general lifestyle issues with minimal mention of fashion accessories and trends for men.

The inspirations behind men’s and women’s fashion

Majority of women’s fashion trends are inspired by the need to boost a woman’s self-esteem enabling her to look and feel good in the eyes of a potential rival. The instinctive behavior drives the fashion industry with designers pressured to come up with fashion dresses and fashion shoes that will accentuate the woman’s body. Fashion trends for women include the whole outlook of the woman from head to toe, from her styling the hair, face makeup, clothing, and shoes, which necessitates that the designer should come up with looks that capture all the aforementioned aspects. On the other hand, men show rivalry among themselves using means other than fashion such as the cars they drive, the well-toned muscles they possess etc. Majority of male fashion designers are inspired by the female fashion trends and convert them into more abstract designs that are more masculine.

Male fashion trends are inspired by core reference points such as the military, sports etc. Hence, male fashion designers are said to be operating within a closeted space that has a tighter framework with limited freedom of expression that may not allow for the realization of huge concepts. Buy men’s and women’s fashion products online from the online shopping portal of Lazada, where you will have your pick from a variety of fashion dresses, fashion shoes, and fashion accessories from an unlimited selection. Lazada offers discounted prices with a secure online payment system for all online purchases. In addition, it offers free shipping on all its products and delivers them to your doorstep anywhere in Singapore. The website also offers a 14-day free return policy on all the products so that you can return them if you don’t find them not to your satisfaction after purchase.