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Floor care and maintenance tips

Appropriate cleaning and maintenance of your floors are paramount in ensuring your floors have an extended life. Regular floor care and maintenance activities include sweeping, mopping and polishing regularly with professional cleaning products. For instance, it is advisable to use a soft-bristled broom to sweep wood and laminate floors to prevent scratches forming on the floor surface. Such scratches result in wear and tear that affect the appearance of the floor and may cause injuries. Elimination of such wears and tears, in turn, is costly. It is advisable to use dry mops preferably made of microfibers to mop most floor types to prevent accidents. Wet and steam mops cause dullness to some floors, therefore, it is crucial to use the right mop for a given finish. However, use of a steam mop and vacuum cleaners will depend on the type of finish done on the floor.

Most floors are finished by application of floor polishers for waxing, scraping, filling, laminating and tiling, and the use of fillers. Establish the type of finish used on your floor before selecting the appropriate cleaning tools. For instance, a tiled floor can be easily cleaned by vacuuming or use of a steam mop, unlike linoleum flooring. A steam mop cannot clean drip water on the floor since it soaks the water from the floor and transfers the same to other areas smudging them with dirt. Some floors are laminated or contain a polyurethane finish hence do not easily absorb water dropping on their surface. Using a vinegar and water solution to clean such coated floors not only maintains their aesthetics but also keeps their shine for longer. Using the right cleaning agents ensures your floor does not lose its luster while maintaining its durability.

Using a steam mop effectively to polish your floors

The steam mop remains a convenient tool for cleaning since it saves time while providing a pleasant finish to your floors. To attain effective results while using a steam mop, you require adequate preparation. Steam mops enable a quick touch up on the floors. The mops are manufactured in a variety of sizes and style enabling ease of use depending on the size of the surface to be cleaned. Use vacuum cleaners to vacuum the floor before steaming to remove dust and other debris from the surface that may clog the mop head. A steam mop, therefore, remains a maintaining tool that performs light cleaning to avoid smearing of dirt on the floor surface. The steam mop remains a convenient tool for cleaning since it saves time while providing a pleasant finish to your floors.

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