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Combat dry and cold air with Humidifiers

We may not have winter here in Singapore, but there are times when we are hit by the harsh coldness that are sometimes brought upon us by typhoons and storms. We Singaporeans live in a humid country, hence when we experience drastic and extreme coldness and dryness in our weather some people may have adverse reaction to it. People may experience various symptoms of allergies like colds, cough and may even lead to having flu. Cold air can also lead to having dry skin and lips. That it is why it is important to have a humidifier around just in case these things happen.

Use Humidifiers in your living and working space

Humidifiers emit vapor or mist in a room to provide it the enough moisture (humid) level in a cold and dry room, or house or space. Using a humidifier in your living and working space, especially in the cold and dry season, can really be beneficial to your health. First, it will aid in providing and retaining moisture in the skin, as dry and cold air can be harsh to us in general, it can give our skin a dry and flaky texture. Also, humidifiers are of great help to people who have stuffy sinuses and experience allergies when it’s cold.

    Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • Mist/Vapor: The choice is up to you as these ultrasonic humidifiers can emit cool or warm mist according to your liking
  • Material: Humidifier’s exterior is usually made of hard-quality plastic
  • Power: You can use this anywhere as it can be battery-powered or electricity-powered
  • Portability: Most humidifiers are portable and can be placed on table tops and floors


  • Mist/Vapor: For a more relaxing feel, vaporizers usually emit warm vapor
  • Material: Vaporizer’s exterior is usually made of plastic that is proven leak-free
  • Power: Vaporizer can be recargeable, battery-powered or electrically-used
  • Portability: Place this on top of your bedroom table as it is super compact and portable