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In-dash DVD and video receivers for your car can offer entertainment on every journey!

Long journeys or road trips in a car can be dull when you have no way to stay entertained or keep others occupied. Especially, if you are travelling with kids, know that they will soon get bored of the scenery and will become irritable and noisy if you are stuck in traffic! In such situations, in-dash DVD and video receivers can come in very handy, as everyone can watch their favorite movies or shows, or listen to music or the radio. Modern DVD players for cars are especially a huge hit in Singapore as they come with a bunch of features like powerful memory, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, auxiliary inputs, SD card slots, USB ports, camera, touch screen, volume control and much more. You can pick from various resolutions, external memory, processors, operating systems etc. Picture formats can be JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF to name a few. Various languages are also available on in-dash receivers like Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and more, besides English.  

Also, how would you love to have a device that can capture all that is going on around your car, when you are not there? Or maybe, you need something to keep visual track on a busy road or a highway where every car is speeding? A car dashboard camera can be very useful in this scenario. These can record vandalism, pilfering, and road accidents, which can help support your claim if you face any untoward situation. The best cameras come equipped with GPS, G-sensor, night vision, motion detection, time and date display, cyclic recording, and are of high resolution. They have lenses with wide viewing angles and HD screens. Light in weight, these car cameras can record what is going on inside the car too. They feature SD card, microphone, and are resistant to vibration.    

Listen to your favorite tunes in style on road trips

If music is your passion and you cannot survive car journeys without your favorite songs or tunes, buying a car stereo makes perfect sense. A good and modern stereo comes with subwoofer, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspots, SD card, USB, and even a backup camera sometimes. Equipped with powerful processors, you can connect these stereos with your android phone to play music or a video. They enable hands-free calling and are easy to plug in. The touch screen and high resolution come in handy if you wish to play games. These car stereos have inbuilt GPS, radio, and offer online weather forecast too. They feature CD player, MP3 player, and have excellent screen sizes too. You can operate these easily on the go.

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