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Keyboard Singapore: Its Features & Uses

Easily input data and enter commands to your computer with the keyboard’s help. It is one of the most essential part of the computer and is very functional in terms of computer usage, just like the mouse. Computer keyboards come in several variations but with the same basic features. Be it at work or at school, the use of keyboard is a necessity to get any computer-related works done swiftly and effortlessly.

From creating documents, write ups and presentations all the way to navigating between computer windows and playing games, computer keyboard is indeed very useful. It became one of the ultimate essentials when it comes to using the PC for basically anything. It is often equipped with all the letters in the English alphabet (A-Z), usually arranged in the Qwerty position with punctuation marks, numbers and other command keys that can be used in making your texts.

Computer Keyboard Variations In Singapore

Today, computer keyboards come in various colors, designs, materials and brands. Some keyboards are ideal for playing video games and some are designed for just the basic keyboard function. But of course, before even making the purchase, you should first determine what type of keyboard you would really need. More people still prefer to use a simpler keyboard rather than a more comprehensive one.

Many computer accessory brands offer their own version of keyboards for their consumers. If you want to be assured of the quality, it would be best to choose ones from the same brand as your laptop or a label with astounding reviews like A4TECH, Razer, and Prolink. You can choose one that you can plug in your laptop or a wireless keyboard that can be easily connected with your device via Bluetooth. Be it a gaming keyboard or a wireless keyboard, Lazada Singapore can help you! Buy a keyboard from our wide selection of high quality computer keyboards. Just visit Lazada, country’s leading online shopping destination, for free shipping and 14-day free returns. Log on to Lazada Singapore now!

    Standard Keyboards

  • Types: Can come in wireless, optical and wired type of keyboards.
  • Uses: For home and office uses like internet browsing, typing, communication, and using other software and apps.
  • Features: Have basic functions and features. Some have quality, reliable and durable designs and soft and comfortable keys for maximum control.
  • Models: A4Tech 8572P, Prolink PCWS, HP CQ43, Rapoo E9080

    Gaming Keyboards

  • Types: Can come in wireless and wired keyboard.
  • Uses: Fitted for playing video games, graphic designing and video editing as well.
  • Features: Comes with grip coated keycaps and rubber pads, others also have LED backlight and hotkeys. Have improved tactile feedback and are more durable than standard keyboards.
  • Models: CM Storm Devastator, A4Tech B120, Razer Blackwidow, Prolink PKGM-9101

    Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Type: Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad
  • Compatibility/System Requirements: Supports Mac, PC, or PS3 with Bluetooth function (depends on the brand of the product).
  • Interface/Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0 (others depend on the brands)
  • Models: Generic CWBT 31, Rapoo E6300, Prolink PKM3810B.