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Acer Laptop: Reliability At Hand

What makes a brand stand out among its competitors is the reliability that it can offer to its consumers. Lots of people are wise enough in choosing their electronic devices, that they ensure that they can use it in a long period of time. Of course they don’t want to invest their money into a laptop that won’t last for a long period of time. This is the reason why most rely on an Acer Laptop. Each year people get amazed with the personal computers that the brand produces. While costly in terms of price, the brand’s quality more than makes the device worth it. Besides, their laptops are equipped with the latest features that are out in the electronic world.

Acer Laptop: Best Work Companion

Bring it anywhere you go, finish the requirements that you need to accomplish, or play your favorite games. Varieties of designs are now available so you can choose the right one that matches your personal preference. The thing about Acer’s devices compared to any other brand is that it is easy to use. Talk about the latest features and quality assurance Acer laptops surely have it all.

Why Choose Acer Laptops?

    • Updated with the latest applications or software that you will surely love.
    • Designs and styles that you should be proud to show in front of everyone.
    • The brand is trust-worthy.
    • Consumers can bring it anywhere they go.

    Basic Laptop

  • Product Overview: Compared to other basic laptops, Acer’s Aspire laptops are dynamic, flexible, and easy to use. Aside from the reliable programs and decent specs, these portable PCs also come with start-up programs for first-time Acer laptop users.
  • Specs and Features:Acer’s basic laptops run the latest versions of the Windows 8 OS with BING. These devices are also compatible with the latest Window 10 update. Performance-wise, majority of the Acer notebooks run on Intel Atom processors, and have large capacity hard drives for storing files.
  • Laptops Available: The Acer Aspire R series comprises the basic laptops of the brand. The devices under this series are diverse and can come in different designs with varying specs.

    Touchscreen laptops and Hybrids

  • Product Overview: Acer is also home to reliable and easy to carry hybrid computers that serve as both laptop and tablet. These devices come in as tablet PC with keyboard docks, or 360-degree flipping laptop.
  • Specs and Features:Aside from the touchscreen capabilities and transformable nature of the laptop, most of Acer’s transforming devices feature high end specs overall. Windows 8.1 capability, quad-core processors, and even expandable storages to go with their 128GB SSD memory.
  • Laptops Available: Acer’s touchscreen laptops fall under the Aspire Switch series, available in 10, 11, and 13-inch variants. The brand’s tablet PCs are also the first touchscreen devices to be update-ready with Windows 10.


  • Product Overview: Majority of Acer’s Ultrabooks make use of every technology they have, making reliable and more portable devices that can be used by professionals and gamers alike. Sleek, thin, and aggressively beautiful, these laptops also make form a very important feature to attract audiences.
  • Specs and Features: The latest of Acer’s Ultrabooks support Windows 8.1 OS on a fast 2.6GHz processor, powered by Intel. Some Ultrabooks also make use of hybrid storage systems, making use of both SSDs and HDDs to store your very important files. Some of these devices also come with touchscreen technology.
  • Laptops Available: The Acer Aspire V series are the brand’s most premium laptops, also comprising the Ultrabooks of the brand. The Aspire S also has Ultrabooks, albeit more conservative than its flagship counterpart.


  • Product Overview: The Chromebook utilizes Google’s operating system for laptops, making them easier to use and connective in nature. Acer’s Chromebooks are most suited for social media use, and comes with faster Internet capabilities.
  • Specs and Features: The Chromebook runs Chrome OS on a 2.1GHz processor. The laptops also display HD resolution on their 11 – 15-inch screens. The Chromebook also comes with 1TB internal storage with at least 2GB of RAM
  • Laptops Available: The Chromebook series are distinguished by their screen sizes. The laptops come in 13-inch, 11-inch, and 15-inch variants.