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LCD TV Singapore: Television’s Ticket To The Next Gen

The television is a long-standing technology, having existed for almost a hundred years. This important part of our entertainment has undergone many changes in its design and function, but none of the previous iterations has had the greatest impact on the technology as much as the LCD TV. LCD, or liquid crystal display, is a very advanced and high quality way of viewing content through a screen. The LCD technology pretty much perfected HD viewing, accessible first in mobile devices and laptops. Soon, this advancement in media was introduced in the TV, making the appliance much slimmer, wider in screen size, and compatible with other technologies seen in other devices. The LCD pretty much brought forth the Smart TV, the OLED, and other TVs that would be used in the industry.

LCD Televisions Available at Lazada Singapore

One of the biggest advantages with the LCD TV is that despite its latest technology, the device is easier to build, and is much more affordable. These televisions also come in different sizes, ranging from a small 24-incher for your room, up to almost 80-inches in length – almost a size of a movie screen. Check out the different types of LCDs from a trusted online shop, look into their specs, and see which size, brand, and type of the television is the perfect device for you.

If you’re looking for LCD TVs from top rated brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung, Philips and more, just simply visit the Lazada Singapore website or app today. Be it a multi-system LCD TV or just the standard LCD tv that you want, Lazada has a wide array of products that you can choose from. Check out the LCD televisions online at Lazada! All orders come with free nationwide delivery and 14-day free returns. Experience effortless shopping and visit Lazada Singapore – country’s leading online shopping destination.

    Basic LCD TV

  • Specs: Small size LCD TV for a small room. Basic LCD TV but has all the basic features of an LCD TV.
  • Display: Enjoy an LCD TV with a 24-inch or smaller display with at least 720p HD resolution.
  • Connectivity: Connect your TV via VGA, HDMI, USB, or AV.
  • Accessories: Add wall bracket and TV stand to maximize your TV experience.
  • Brands: TCL, My View, Sharp are just some of the brands that offer quality basic LCD TV.

    Standard LCD TV Screen

  • Specs: Medium sized LCD TV for living room which has all the standard specs of an LCD TV with extra features..
  • Display: Standard LCD TV screen's size range from 29 to 40-inch with at least 1080p Full-HD resolution.
  • Connectivity: Connect your standard LCD TV with VGA, DVI, HDMI, USB, and AV.
  • Accessories: Add wall bracket and TV stand to maximize your TV experience.
  • Brands: Choose from brands like Promac, Samsung, Xenon, Sanyo, and LG for your standard LCD TV screen.

    Smart LCD TV

  • Specs: Subcategory of LCD TV with LED backlit and online capability.
  • Display: Smart LED TV's size range from at least 55-inches, at least 1080p Full-HD, and an optional 3D capability.
  • Connectivity: DVI, HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi are available for connection to your Smart LED TV.
  • Accessories: Accessories available for this LED TV is a TV stand.
  • Brands: Choose from brands like Samsung, Sony Bravia, Panasonic, Devant, and LG for your Smart LED TV.

    Home Theatre TV

  • Specs: Besides HD resolution, home theatre TV has the best sound systems that will change the way you use TV.
  • Display: 64-inch and above, 4K resolution, and an optional 3D capability for an extra oomph in your TV-watching.
  • Connectivity: These home theatre televisions can be connected via DVI, HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • Accessories: TV stand and home entertainment with surround sound are the top accessories that you should own.
  • Brands: Samsung, Sony Bravia, Panasonic, Devant, LG and more brands are now offering home theatre televisions.