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Keep your baby healthy and growing with good quality baby milk

Mother’s breast milk is undoubtedly the healthiest food for a baby in this world. However, it is only up to a certain age that this breast milk will prove to be enough for the baby. Very soon, your baby will need to be introduced to formula baby milk and that will also be the time when you have to find out what’s available and choose the best. Today, you have several brands out there offering good quality baby food options. It is, therefore, important to know the types that you can get and their specialties to avoid being overwhelmed by multiple choices. The first variety that you can consider is food based on cow milk. This is the most common type in which the milk proteins are treated to help them be broken down by the baby’s digestive tract.

The baby formula based on cow’s milk has fortified iron, recommended by doctors and health experts. This iron prevents iron deficiency-induced anemia in babies under one year of age. Some of these formulas also contain DHA and ARA, both of which play a crucial role in developing your baby’s brain and eyes. The other variety of formula is soy-based and these formulas are suitable for babies who show temporary allergy tendency towards cow milk. However, the intake of soy formulas should be limited and also in special cases where the baby truly needs soy, as prescribed by the pediatrician.

Choose your baby cereal well to ensure safety and proper digestion

You can also buy hydrolyzed baby milk formula. These are the pre-digested formulas, often recommended for babies with digestive problems. These formulas break down the cow’s milk proteins into smaller proteins to make them easier to digest for the babies. Hydrolyzed formulas are typically costlier. Once you know the types of formulas and also find out your baby’s suitability to the foods, you can select the brand. It is always good to stick to one particular brand once you are sure that your little one likes the formula, has adjusted to it and is, of course, growing well in the desired manner.

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