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Modems for Mobile Broadband

Singapore is one of the most wired countries in the world in terms of broadband penetration. This is no less thanks to the superb mobile broadband infastructure in Singapore. In this digital day and age where every digital device has become more or less portable, people want to enjoy broadband connection on the go. So in order to access the mobile broadband, one needs a modem, and to do so, one will need a mobile broadband modem.

A mobile broadband modem is a basically a mobile broadband device that instead of using cable television or telephone lines, makes use of a mobile broadband connection to allow laptops, personal computers or routers to receive access to the internet.

Mobile Broadband Singapore

There are basically two types of modems for mobile broadband. They are the wireless mobile broadband modems and mobile broadband USB sticks. Both connect to the internet via a mobile broadband connection. The difference is that the a mobile broadband wireless modem is usually a standalone device, whereas the mobile broadband USB sticks, or more commonly known in Singapore as mobile broadband dongles, come in the form of a small portable USB device. Mobile broadband USB sticks are convenient for people who want to use internet on the go on their laptops. All that needs to be done is to simply plug the device into the laptop and viola, you are ready to surf the internet!

Singapore Mobile Broadband

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