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Replacement Parts and Tools

If you have a broken or malfunctioning display screen with dead pixels or cracks, always go for a brand new top quality LCD display screen with frame replacement part. Other spares like battery back covers, home button, charging ports, loud speaker, touch ID sensor, front housing replacement, etc. are available from reliable sources at affordable prices. If you want to do the replacements by yourself, a specialized tool kit with screw drivers, pliers, etc. may also be required for the installation of new mobile and tablet parts. Side buttons like power, volume up and volume down are also available, if the buttons in your device are not working. These tools are all available online, in accordance with the brand and model you own. If you are an electronic enthusiast, you would be interested to know that there are desktop magnifiers with soldering tools available online that will help you repair your phone.

As far as batteries are concerned, it is a wise choice to opt for original batteries with the same capacity and quality as that of the original battery. This will ensure long life of the battery. For most of such parts, installation guide will be sent in an e-mail after the shipping of the product. Be sure to read the installation manual and follow the procedures prescribed for the maximum utilization of the parts and tools purchased online.

SIM Tools

If you have switched from one phone to another, or if you have a non-functional SIM card slot in your phone, you might need some tools to suit your needs. A plethora of options are available in the market. SIM card adaptors may be used to conveniently switch from micro SIM to nano SIM card without the hassle of getting the card cut or buying a new card. SIM card cutters are also available, to cut the SIM from regular to micro, micro to SIM, etc. If you keep constantly juggling between phones and SIM cards, it would be smart move to buy a SIM card adaptor kit, which has options to shuffle between all the types, along with an ejector pin to open the SIM card slot in your mobile phone or tablet.

If your phone’s SIM card holder is malfunctioning, you may buy a replacement for the SIM card holding tray, depending on the brand and model of the phone. There are also smart devices like Dual SIM card adaptors, to convert a single-SIM phone externally into a dual-SIM phone, with Bluetooth connectivity and app synchronization.

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