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The Motherboard: A computer’s Mind and Soul

The motherboard – one of the most important, if not THE important, part of a computer – basically houses all of the components that run a PC. If you were to strip a desktop of its casing and power supply, you will see how one circuit board holds the hard disk, the video and sound cards, the processors, and the USB connectors together. A damaged motherboard is a dead computer. Want to understand more about the device and build a DIY that you can be proud off? Then you start learning how this motherboard in Singapore works, and what to choose when deciding on your desktop or laptop.

Different Computers Need Different Motherboards

Motherboards often come in different forms and designs. As the computer branches out into different types, so does this very important part. The proper way to select an appropriate system board is to digress and imagine what kind of desktop you want. Some mainboards have limited connectivity, allowing you a select number of storage, memory, and peripherals to put into them without overheating the device. Gaming desktops often have more powerful motherboards, but these often cost a lot more compared to other subtypes. Also concern yourself with the design of your CPU casing and the compatibility of the power supply. No matter how good or dependable your circuit is, if it isn’t compatible with the socket, or wouldn’t fit the desktop’s form factor, it wouldn’t operate at all. Consult with a trusted dealer, or check with your online shopping site, to see if the motherboard you purchased is suitable for your device.

    Gaming Motherboards

  • Specifications: More slots for RAM, video cards, and storage. Faster processing power, and able to cool off faster than normal CPUs.
  • Uses: Primarily used to run HD games without much problems. Most upgrades are for games that are released each year

    Motherboards for Professional PCs

  • Specifications: Multiple power consumption options. CPU slots focused on memory and processing power. Multiple slots for WLAN, USB, and other connected devices
  • Uses: These Motherboards designed to works long hours, without consuming much power. Memory slots needed for storing files and running multiple programs simultaneously. The Motherboard has more options for connectivity, allowing the computer to connect with other devices like printers and projectors

    Laptop Motherboards

  • Specifications: Smaller form factor. Limited slots for RAM and storage. Multiple connectivity
  • Uses: Motherboard is made specifically to perform for laptops. Limited but customizable circuit board that is easily upgradeable. USB, power supply, HDMI, VGA installed.