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Use motorcycle fenders to avoid ruining your ride

A helmet is considered the most important bike accessory. No doubt about that; it is absolutely essential to wear a helmet while riding a bike. However, there is yet another necessary bike gear, which will make your ride a more enjoyable experience—a fender. This accessory makes a tremendous difference when you are going on roads that are wet with drizzle or there’s leftover snow melted on the way. You can get protection from wearing a helmet and a raincoat, but a fender will protect your motorcycles and you both from the yucky mud and sand kicked up from dirty puddles and rivulets. So, if you want a comfortable ride in every climate, then you must buy motorcycle fenders.

Motorcycle fenders used to be known as mudguards in earlier times. The bikes are more prone to get damaged by dirty waters that are kicked up by the wheels. These mucky waters can be harmful for a motorcycle’s derailers and brakes. The sandy, muddy water which is mixed with gasoline residue can damage even the lower section of your headsets. The headsets are designed in a way that it can shed water automatically and are usually rainproof, but the dirty water spraying from below can easily enter the rear parts of the bike and destroy the bearing parts of the heavy-loaded lower races. There are many types and styles of fenders available. You can look for fenders in the leading markets of Singapore and on online shopping places too.

Protect your bikes and ride safe

A motorbike fender comes in aluminum material and smart eye-catching colors. The chain guard is located inches away from the chain. It protects the chain from things getting caught in it. For example, stones that your bike kicks up into the wheel may fall back upon the chain to cause damage. It also keeps your legs away from the chain. A motorcycle rearview mirror has unique look and great visibility. It helps you in forecasting the changing surroundings while passing or shifting in the lanes. The mirror diameter is 7.7cm. It has a swivel-head design which can be adjusted easily. They are specially designed for motorbike handle bars with a 22mm outside diameter. The material is of superb quality and it is easy to install to make your riding safe and hassle-free.

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