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Makeup Nails for Everyone in Singapore

Our nails are the reflection of our personality. Well-groomed and healthy nails complete your look and add confidence. Nail care is extremely important since our hands are visible. Whether we like it or not people actually tend to look at it, and certainly, they'll have impressions, either good or bad. Take a close look at your fingernails; are they strong and healthy looking? Or do you see unpleasant dents or areas of unusual color or shape? Many undesirable nail conditions can be avoided through proper fingernail care. Manicure tools are the tools you need to have the desired nails that you want.

Achieve that artsy, beautiful nails with manicure sets that you can buy at the nation’s leading online shopping website – Lazada Singapore. From nail art and nail polish to nail polish removers and treatments, you are sure to find various nail accessories and kits. Buy these nail essentials now at discounted prices! Place your order online at Lazada and get free nationwide delivery with 14-day free returns for your every order.

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With the wide array of nail beautifying processes existing today, it's not hard for someone to pick or find ways in achieving clean and well-groomed nails. It can be through technology, but if you prefer old ways, there are lots of salons out there, doing amazing things for your nails. Sets are designed to cater for different tastes. That is why there is a great variety of manicure sets. Some people prefer to cut their nails using scissors, clippers, or a nail nipper, while some choose to remove their cuticle using a nipper or with cuticle scissors. It depends on your personal choice, and remember it is important to choose a set of tools that you're comfortable with. Having manicure tools can help you achieve the beautiful nails that you want.

    Nail Polish

  • Items: There are many nail polish you can choose from; cream, jelly, shimmer, micro-shimmer, frost, chrome, opalescent, pearlescent, foil, metallic, glitter, shards, and matte.
  • Features: All of the nail polishes are absolutely waterproof, safe for all types of nails and have perfect finish.
  • Advantages: With nails polish, you can give colors to your nails and give your nails a dramatically finish.

    Nail Polish Removers and Treatments

  • Items: There is nail polish solution you can choose from. these are cuticle cream, strengthening concentrate, nail polish remover, and nail treatment.
  • Features: All of these products are easy to apply and 100% authentic ideal for all skin types.
  • Advantages: The treatments help to prevent splitting and peeling. Promote healthy nail growth and perfectly moisturized cuticles to repair to dry and brittle nails.

    Nails Manicure Kits and Accessories

  • Items: Kits and accessories you can use are nail dryer, color machine, nail clipper, polisher, files, and manicure set.
  • Features: All manicure set and accessories come in good quality. The manicure set are complete with nail grooming tool that is mostly made of stainless steel.
  • Advantages: The kits and accessories are great for travel or even at home and also great gift for family and friends.

    Nail Art and Stickers

  • Items: Putting art on your nail can be done with nail art pens, color machine, nail stickers, and 3D nail art set.
  • Features: All nail art stuff and stickers are safe to use; there is no toxins will leak into your nails. All are easy to use and easy to remove.
  • Advantages: The nail art and stickers have easy application feature to save time. Also, it is zero drying time, which is very convenient.