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What Network Interface Card Is and What It Can Do

We all know that the reason why we are able to share messages on e-mail, find new knowledge and exchange information through our computer devices is because of internet access. However, it would not be possible is there is no NIC installed to your devices. NIC is a short term for Network Interface Card, they are also known as enthernet card and network adaptor. This is a hardware card that is installed inside the computer for you to be able to connect with other computers and in the Internet. Today, computers and laptops come with built-in NIC in the motherboard of the computer devices. That is why building NIC is not very much needed. Nevertheless, the reason why network adaptors are being sold separately is due to special purposes, like upgrade and replacement. All in all, if you are looking for this network interface card and want to access the greatness of having internet connection, then you should not think twice in purchasing.

Tips in Purchasing Network Interface Card

There are many things to consider before buying interface card. First off is the compatibility. It is needed for network adaptor to work well with your computer's motherboard. It is mostly recommended to purchase enthernet card with either PCI or ISA interface—if you are using it for an old type computer device. And if you are upgrading your computer, you can choose from PCI Express interface, which can support both enthernet and WiFi standards; and USB interface for wireless connection, which usually used on laptops. Both PCI Express and USB interface are supported by modern computers. Moreover, connectivity is also a factor. Choose BNC connector for network devices that are connected via coaxial cable; while, RJ45 connector for Enthernet. All in all, investing for network interface card should be done wisely to

    Enthernet Network Adapter

  • Description: This type of network card are known as wired connection that uses cord for internet connection
  • Uses: This is commonly used for home computers, which usually stays in one place
  • Advantages: Wired connectivity does not requires any other devices to connect with your network; no internet interference, you have much secure access, and reliable usage for continuous internet performance

    Wireless Network Adapter

  • Description: This type of network interface card wirelessly exchange and transfer information with other computers and internet
  • Uses: Wireless type of this device are used by portable computer devices like laptops and mobile devices to connect in the Internet
  • Advantages: If you have multiple devices,in the house or in the office, that have connectivity with the internet you, then this is recommended for you