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Things to consider before you buy phone cases online in Singapore

If you are looking for phone cases online, be informed about the types and varieties of phone cases available in Singapore. Be it an Apple iPhone or One Plus 2 or any other smart phone, it is an important accessory that completes your look, it is important to have a phone case that reflects your persona. If you are a college student passionate about computers, cases with printed quotes and circuits are available. If you love music or a particular sports club, you may show it off in the back cover of your phone. If you are a girl who loves teddy bears and flowers, they are available in scores of colors and patterns too! If you are a sports enthusiast, opt for a hard case instead, that is hard, durable and gives your phone a rugged look. If you are concerned about safety of the screen, pick a flip-cover case or a pouch that fits your phone like a glove. If you are a professional with regular customer interaction, you could choose a classic leather case to up your ante!

Types of phone cases in Singapore

Back covers made out of silicone, plastic and polycarbonates are not only easy to clean and use, but are also available in many colors and varieties. They are very well suited to protect the four edges and the rear side of the phone. Back covers also provide easy access to all buttons of the phone. Flip covers are made of leather, fabric and polyurethane. They protect the entire phone from scratches and impact. Flip covers have slots to carry cards, options with auto sleep and auto wake functions. Some flip covers are designed to act like stands for the phone, so that it is convenient for you to watch movies and videos. Bumper cases have a good touch and feel and also look better and premium in comparison to back covers. There are numerous options with minimalistic designs, non-slipping grip, mirror finish and slim fit. They come with perfect cut outs for camera, charging port, etc. They minimize the impact in fall by their shock proof designs. Pouches are designed to have soft interiors for safe keeping of the phone and minimum dust. There are also options with opening slots for charger and cards.

For a professional look, opt a mono-chromed back cover or flip cover which is thin, light, dirt proof and water proof. Many ultra-thin and ultra-light options are available for popular categories like One Plus 2, iPhone, etc. Black color looks more professional than others. To add a touch of color and quirk to your phone, opt for printed cases. Hundreds of options with designs of nature, animals, birds, butterflies, cartoons, and flowers, flags of countries, quotations and abstract patterns are available to choose from. Rosewood style swap covers add a pinch of sophistication to your look! Do bear in mind that all phone cases bought on come to you with a promise of quality and nation-wide free shipping. What is more is that we also have a fourteen day return policy to freely ship us back the phone case you bought, if it fails to meet your expectations.