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Shot every moment with Camera

We, Singaporeans are commonly known as photo-taking enthusiasts. We love taking pictures, wherever we are and what we are doing; basically, the art of photography has caught our attention. Good thing, there is a compact camera that comes with different types and functionality and each differs in features and specifications.

Branded cameras from renowned manufacturers like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Leica are the products you can choose from. With these brands you can now print the actual beauty of your subject's smile by capturing it with a camera. What else can do a better job than a professional cam? You can also develop your photography skills and even turn pro using it.

Best-Selling Quality DSLR Cameras

Cameras are not simply camera devices anymore because DSLR is the new thing which has superb resolution, high ISO sensitivity, great performance that gives great quality through features of picture control, and more! Nowadays, price ranges of them are also nice with the added new features which are more advanced, much money required. But do not worry, though it lies on big amount of money, still quality compact cameras will surely give you great pictures and videos! Brand new equipment at prices that will surely suit your desire!

    Basic Point and Shoot

  • Description: Basic point and shoot are ideal for people who just want to hand camera at all times
  • Features: These cameras have small sensors giving way for high megapixel and equipped with wide angle shot best for taking pictures of group shot and landscape shots
  • Advantage: Say goodbye to manual selection just to get fine-tune photos, because basic point-shoot comes with auto mode settings and scene selection that works finely to select the best settings for your shot

    Advanced Point and Shoot

  • Description: Composed of advanced features than basic point-shoot, a secondary choice before SLR cameras
  • Features: These cameras offer manual controls for setting the aperture, shutter speed and ISO, letting you take a better picture
  • Advantage: Advanced cameras produce better image quality than point-shoot. It able to emphasize depth of field and have manual controls of aperture, shutter and ISO settings

    Pocket Megazoom

  • Description: Best option for people who are attracted to a zoom fixed-lens but wants a handy and portable camera
  • Features: These camera offers optical zoom ranges from 10x to 15x, has manual controls of settings and have good optical image stabilization that increase their lenses
  • Advantage: Pocket megazoom produces excellent image stabilization, have manual controls and has very high optical zoom perfect for pockatable camera