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Fax machines for all business

Most of the time, businesses usually maintain some kind of fax capability. With the advance technology that we have today, and fast increasing competition from Internet-based alternatives, using fax machines allows any paper works much more easier. Also using this machine, we can see advantages that only this thing can do, particularly in the transmission of sensitive material which, if sent over the Internet, may be exposed to danger.

Lessen efforts with fax machine

Fax, invented century ago goes with progress in terms of its functionality. Started from just producing a single material, transmission of scanned printed material both text and images paved way, to a telephone number connected to a printer or other device. However, as the years passed by, through what technology provides, its usability has increase. It does not only print and copy but it was added by phone conversation with hundreds of speed dials available, resolution clearer, connectivity to other electronics and higher speed. To sum up, by having fax machines, it lessens time and effort of people and that create a greater production in a business industry.

    High-Speed Laser Fax Machine

  • Modem Speed: These high-speed laser fax machine runs 33.6 Kbps Super G3 modem speed
  • Memory: It also has a memory of over 16 MB
  • Features: With this type of fax machine, you can store up to 222 contacts
  • Function: Use this fax machine for fax forwarding and fax retrieval

    Fax Machine

  • Modem Speed: Normal fax machine runs a speed of 21 ppm
  • Memory: Store contacts with a memory of 16MB in this fax machine
  • Features: It features a 250 paper sheet capacity
  • Function:Versatile as it has laser fax, copier, and built-in handset and printer plus phone
  • Connectivity: Connect your Fax machine to your computer