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Experience hassle-free cooking with Europace rice cookers

You may wonder what the reason for investing in a rice cooker is when rice can be cooked easily on a gas top. Well, rice cookers or steamers are not only useful for making rice, but also help in preparing other dishes. The appliance will keep the rice warm and fresh when you are waiting for your family or friends to arrive. It also gives you the flexibility to not check the rice again and again to see if it is perfect or not. In addition, you can use this appliance to steam vegetables and a host of other functions. When you have decided to invest in it, then choose one which will not only cook rice perfectly, but also guide you in cooking other meals. To get the best rice-making experience, you can buy Europace rice cookers and appliances.

This is an International brand from Singapore with a European flavor. Their product range involves finished produce from different countries, but the expertise lies in the European items. They are committed to giving the consumers the best according to European standards along with maintaining the pricing and relevance of the goods. The company is well-known for their cooling products and they have started developing multifarious styles and designs of air conditioners, air coolers, fans, and home appliances. The Europace rice cooker is one of such products from their vast collection of home appliances.

Embrace the perfect kitchen companion

The Europace multifunction rice cooker will serve as your perfect cooking companion. A compact appliance which will not take much room on the counter top, it has easy controls with a selection of 10 different modes. The multi-function cooker allows you to cook different recipes with or without your presence. It comes in a non-stick coated cooking pot, which is made in the USA. It has a dew-proof lid plate so that the cooked food is not spoiled. The auto “keep warm” function keeps the food warm till the time you are ready to eat. This Europace cooker has a stainless-steel heating element and a high-density ceramic pot. It comes with seven intelligent menu functions and has an external water inlet to refill easily. It will give you a beep sound when the dish is ready. There is no need to add extra water and this is the reason the food cooked is 100% essence-assured.

You can find the complete collection of Europace products at Lazada, Singapore. It is an easy-to-use online shopping portal with an appealing interface. They have a number of payment options to choose from and all of them are linked to secure gateways. They dispatch the confirmed order to your delivery address absolutely free of cost. In the event of any problem arising out of the purchase, you can avail of their 14-day free return policy.

Why choose Europace rice cooker?

  • The brand is well-known for its European standard products.
  • The rice cookers from this brand will give you a relaxing cooking experience.
  • The food can be kept warm and fresh for long.