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Router for Unlimited Internet Connection

Remember the time when you need to wait for your sibling to finish his or her work for you to be able to connect to the Internet? Or even wait in a long queue just to have a video chat with your friends and loved ones? Well, those days are gone thanks to technological advancement that we have today. But what if the modem that you bought is not wireless-capable? The answer to having a wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) connection is by using a router. The main purpose of it is to connect multiple networks and forward packets destined either for its own networks or other networks. Get ready to connect your electronic gadgets with a wide variety of this device. The most common types that you may know can be found at home, as well as in small offices that simply pass data like websites, e-mails, instant messages, and even videos between computers and the Internet. With a wide range of varieties to choose from, you will be able to enjoy a limitless internet connection.

Router Singapore: Portable Internet Connection At Home

The speed of your Internet connection depends on the place where you put it, so make sure to find the spot that has a good reception in terms of signal. You should also take into consideration the number of users that will try to connect to the Internet service that you have. For a secure Internet connection, you can create a password. Prices of routers usually depend on its specification. For an unlimited Internet connection, accompany your modem with a router. You can choose to buy routers from popular brands such as TP-Link, Asus, Huawei, and Xiaomi. Purchase the router of your choice by going to the Lazada Singapore website that you access using your computer or mobile device. For ease of shopping, you can download the Lazada app via your iOS or Android smartphone. Shop at Lazada Singapore now!

    Wireless Routers

  • Features: A type of wireless without a modem. It is compatible with all Microsoft Windows models and Mac operating systems. Less worry as its Wi-Fi has protected access, and consists of fast data transfer rate.
  • Advantage: Using Wireless router enables you to have internet connection through WLAN rather than cables.

    Pocket Wi-Fi Routers

  • Features: Micro USB port available for charging the battery from a laptop and micro-SD card slot supports up to 32 GB of storage, battery power can be used 7 to 10 hours of continuous operation.
  • Advantage: Stay connected to the internet is now possible through Pocket Wi-Fi as can be used by 10 users simultaneously.


  • Features: Composed of Applicable bands, Fast Frequency range, Cable and compatible to routers like Huawei.
  • Advantage: Wi-Fi antenna can be great tool to continuous connection of internet throughout the day.