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How to choose the right garment sewing machine for you?

Garment sewing machines are making a comeback into homes, as the popularity of handmade customized clothes is growing. People, lately, prefer individualistic designs as opposed to ‘off the rack’ uniform fashion and don’t mind getting their hands dirty to get their perfect ensemble. Surprisingly, sewing as an activity is no longer associated just with women but men and children as well. When it comes to picking the best garment sewing machines in the market, you can choose from a wide variety in price, brands, models, features, and accessories as well. Choosing one that is best suited to your need can be a daunting task, especially when you are not clear about your requirement. So, here is some help; you can visit the Lazada Singapore website and zero in on the ideal machine for you.

Criteria for choosing the perfect sewing machine from brands like Brother

The first step is to understand your level of experience. Are you an expert, intermediate or beginner user? An expert user can ably master the various features of a top end sewing machine like a computerized and embroidery sewing machine from Brother, while an intermediate or beginner user will struggle. The next step is to determine your machine of choice. It is important to note that the stitch functions offered are dependent on the format of the sewing machine. Do you prefer a mechanical, electronic or computerized machine? At the lower end of the sewing machine spectrum, mechanical sewing machines are economical, fuss-free and reliable, but have limited stitch options. An electronic machine offers more efficiency, better features and is perfect for intermediate users as the level of difficulty is manageable. Available at a higher price, the computerized sewing machine offers a variety of stitches to perform the most complicated of tasks with ease. However, the settings may be too complicated to operate for a regular user.

Each type of sewing machine is available in different price brackets. Another factor to consider while choosing a garment sewing machine is the motor size. If you expect your machine to perform functions on thick fabrics like denim and leather, it is important that you pick a one with a strong and heavy motor. Make sure you try the product before you make the purchase to ensure you are comfortable using it. Reliable and competent brands like Brother, Singer and Janome offer some of the best garment sewing machines presently. Another format of sewing machines that is gaining traction among consumers are the portable auto sewing machines. Lightweight yet sturdy, they offer consumers the liberty to sew anywhere, anytime. Choose from a variety of models from popular sewing machine brands at Lazada Singapore and also avail benefits like free shipping and 14-day free returns.