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The Perfect Stand Fan for Your Home

Electric fans are popular, especially in a tropical country where most of the time it’s hot or humid. Most of the houses have a stand fan to keep them cool and refreshed despite the temperature. Stand fans are quite nifty and can be placed everywhere in your home as long as there is space for it. They are also called “Stand Fans” because of its height and it is not required to be put on top of a desk.

The use of a stand fan is also more than for keeping you cool, but it can also improve ventilation around the house. An electric fan can help circulate the air within your home which is one of the many reasons why people love this electric fan as one of their home appliances.

Keep Calm and Be Cool with Stand Fans in Singapore

Keep calm and not sweaty (or smelly) with the use of electric stand fans. Beat the heat with ease, and save some cash as well, since stand fans will cost you less on your electricity bill unlike using an air conditioner. Different brands have made sure that they make quality stand fans for their consumers, and not only that, each and every one is equipped with a different design. Stand fans are not just cooling appliances; it also serves as your home decoration. Electric fans come in multiple colors, styles, and designs; which are best to accentuate every home.

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    Ground Fan

  • Uses: Ground is ideal for single person use. Enough for small rooms; ideal fun for studying.
  • Features: It saves energy and has powerful motor with oscillating action.
  • Brands: The trusted brands for this type of stand fans are Klestar, Dowell, Panasonic, Akai, Standard, Marubishi, and Union.

    Small Stand Fan

  • Uses: Due to its size, this kind of fan is ideal for small room and dorm ventilation.
  • Features: It is Light-weight, consume low power, and low-noise ventilation feature.
  • Brands: For this product, the brands are Dowell, Panasonic, Akai, Standard, Marubishi, and Union.

    Regular Stand Fan

  • Uses: Ideal for house ventilation to keep a cooling effect inside.
  • Features: Most stand fans have features, such as oscillating motion, remote control feature, thermal fuse protected, and electronic soft touch button.
  • Brands: For regular stand fans, you can choose from brand like Dowell, Panasonic, Akai, Standard, Marubishi, and Union.

    Industrial Stand Fan

  • Uses: This product much stronger wind than common electric fan which circulates air flow that may be beneficial to many industries.
  • Features: Most of the industrial stand fans have many features, such as thermal fuse protection, adjustable height and tilting head with oscillation feature.
  • Brands: You can choose from brands like Standard, Tailee, Dowell, Panasonic, Akai, Marubishi, and Union when it comes to choosing industrial fans.