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Storing and transferring data made easy with storage OTG drives

Storage OTG Drives provide storage in a small device for smartphones and tablets which support the USB OTG (On-The-Go) utility. It allows mobile devices to connect directly to USB devices. The USB OTG specification allows mobile devices to directly connect to USB devices. These drives provide extra storage for OTG mobile devices. This becomes easier than using online cloud services as users can backup videos, files, photos and more and share with other devices or PCs. It has an ultra-small design and is lightweight, easy to carry anywhere and does not get in the way of other devices or drives which are in use. One of the most widely-known uses of USB flash drives or OTG drives is to transport data from one place to another. This kind of device is multi-functional and versatile. Your system may sometimes get corrupted because of malicious software from other devices and even the internet. So, it is beneficial to have tools which you can run from a flash.

When storing important or confidential documents, you can encrypt it so that no one else can access it. This flash drive access can be completed by using Windows tools or by installing a free app like TrueCrypt. If your PC is slow-running, you can increase its speed by caching your data to your USB so that it can administer your applications better, which will lead to better performance. Now, run applications like Chrome, OpenOffice, Firefox and games with a USB flash drive on the computer. You can install ‘Parted Magic’ to a flash drive which helps you re-partition your hard drive in a simplified manner. If you have a PC which is infected by a virus and you cannot access it, you can run an Anti-Virus program through USB drives. OTG drives are popular in Singapore for storing and transferring important computer data. You will find a wide variety of these drives on Lazada Singapore at the best discounts.

Buy OTG drives and stay technologically advanced

With OTG drives, your Windows Phone can connect to flash drives, keyboard, external USB hard drives and even mouse, via USB. USB On-the-Go (OTG) lets two USB devices talk to each other without the requirement of a personal computer. It is a standard which allows mobile devices to talk to one another. Earlier, mobile devices could only be connected to a PC or Mac by USB, but with the USB OTG, it is possible for devices to connect to each other directly.

People also use card readers a lot nowadays, as they usually are quite reliable and are universal devices which work with memory cards. When you buy a new digital camera or mobile phone, then with a card reader, you do not have to change a set of cables and find new drivers to connect your device to the computer. A card reader is also highly useful when someone walks in with their own memory card. Now, shop for these high-tech devices from Lazada Singapore and enjoy free shipping and 14-day free returns on purchases.