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Dry Your Hair Faster & Easier Through Hair Dryers

Get those tangled, wet hair dry in no time! With a hair dryer at hand, drying your soaking wet hair will be easier and faster. With the help of the blower’s hot air, the water particles on your hair disperses effortlessly. Want a simple hair style by simply drying-up your hair? Hair dryer gives each hair strand natural volume and style. You can use brushes, clips, rollers and other hair accessories to achieve your desired hair style.

The creation of the hair dryer was inspired by a cleaning device --the vacuum cleaner. It was invented by Alexander Godefroy, a salon owner back in 1890. There are two major types of hair dryer -- the handheld hair dryer and the rigid hood dryer. The rigid hood dryer is often seen in salons, wherein a hard plastic dome is fitted in a person’s head in order to dry their hair. The handheld hair dryer is what most people used these days. These blowers weigh less and can be gripped in one hand to quickly dry your hair. These hair blowers can also be portable and plugged in.

The Incredible Uses of Hair Dryers

Using hair blowers everyday will greatly impact our daily lives. We all know that hair dryers are obviously used for hair purposes. But, did you know that it can also be used in different ways? Yes! You read it right. There are actually tons of things that a hair dryer can do. Hair dryers can be used for removing sticky stuff such as price tags or stickers. It can also be used in customizing eyeglass frames. You can also use hair dryers in removing candle waxes and dusts on wood furniture. It also adds gloss to cake frostings. And of course, it can also stand as a dryer for clothes and shoes. Very unusual, isn't it? That's how hair dryer does its job -- very usable!

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    Portable Hair Blowers

  • Features: Portable Hair blowers comes with easy cleaning filter with practical side grips, compact a lightweight style, and foldable features.
  • Uses: Like most hair blowers, portable hair dryer provides hot and cold air hair drying. Also, they close the hair cuticle leaving the hair shinier.
  • Advantage: Portable hair dryers are best for travels or even for your everyday tool, as they consume less small space of your bag.

    Classic Hair Blowers

  • Features: Hair blowers come with perfectly balanced for maximum comfort together with practical side grip.
  • Uses: They are used for drying your hair for easy hair styling. Also, they close the hair cuticle leaving the hair shinier.
  • Advantage: Using hair dryers can save you a lot of time in making your hair dry. Also, if you are using hair products like wax and gel, it is better to dry your hair first to prevent your hair from dandruffs.