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Oral Care with Toothbrush

Keeping the mouth and teeth free from cavities, bad breath, and other problems is really easy when you brush your teeth regularly with clean and durable toothbrush. Getting rid of plaque, and bacteria can be done when you do it with good toothbrush that is sanitized and free from germs. This routine can save you from periodontal diseases for a long period of time. Brushing removes the dirt from the tooth surface and it prevent the formation of cavities that will eventually destroy the teeth.

According to experts, brushing should be done twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush that can reach the farthest part of the gums, and an anti-microbial toothpaste with calcium so that it can kill the bacteria and maintain the health of your mouth. Proper brushing takes around one to two minutes (one hundred twenty seconds)in order to remove the dirt and bacteria in the mouth. A good toothpaste with calcium cleans the mouth and replenishes the mineral on the teeth.

Picking a Good Toothbrush

A hard bristled brush usually hurts the gums and makes it bleed that makes the teeth and gums vulnerable to bacteria build up and infection. So, in order to have a fresh and healthy mouth, pick a soft to medium bristled toothbrush. Prefer a small-headed brush so that it can reach all the areas of the mouth, including the back teeth and can prevent choking while brushing the tongue. There are several types of brushes that are available in the market, there are also some that are with electronics. If you are not so sure on what brush to pick, try to surf the internet and check your favorite online shopping site for a reliable toothbrush that can help you maintain fresh breath, and whiter teeth.

    Manual Toothbrush

  • Features: Comes with strong and comfortable bristle; the brushes varies on the brushing experience like soft, medium, and hard. The bristles depends on your preference and your dentist's recommendation
  • Uses: This type of brushes are ideal for loosening and whisking away plaque
  • Advantage: With toothbrushes, you can have fresh breath at all times and you will have the confidence to talk to anyone without any worries

    Travel Toothbrush

  • Features: Very portable that comes with travel size, also have brush protection to keep it clean all the time; they are compact and lightweight
  • Uses: Ideal for people who are on a travel; especially those people are are a fond of hiking and doing outdoor activities
  • Advantage: Most of travel toothbrushes have covers or covering features to protect the bristle from dirt that can be detrimental to your health

    Denture Brushes

  • Features: Most of the denture brushes are come with integrated grip and also comfortable for left or right hand
  • Uses: The traditional brushes should not be used in dentures as it may break it may damage it; however, the denture brushes are made to provide cleanliness and care to your denture
  • Advantage: The dental brushes have 25% more bristles with improved contour design that is ideal for your dentures

    Electric Toothbrush

  • Features: Comes with different modes of cleansing: depending on the speed you preferred
  • Uses: This is ideal for real cleaning and adequate time of cleaning; useful for both adults and kids
  • Advantage: Most of the electric tooth brushes comes with smart sensor to protect your teeth from scratching or bleeds.