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Arts and crafts for kids help enhance their cognitive skill development

As your child grows up and takes small steps towards emerging to be a successful human being, you feel yourself endowed with the responsibility and the urge to provide him/her with nothing short of the best. However, most of us commit the mistake of driving our kid’s attention to the academics so much that the extracurricular activities take a backseat. It is important to remember in this respect that these extracurricular activities go a long way in letting your child learn life skills and they ultimately help your child do well in his/her academics too. For instance, arts and crafts for kids are found to be immensely beneficial to them in more than one way.

There are various activities and games like drawing, painting, cutwork and so on that come under the broader category of art and craft. Before you introduce your kid to these activities, let’s find out why they are so necessary. To begin with, activities like drawing, cutting, coloring and so on help your child develop bilateral coordination. These crafts require your child to use his/her both hands and mind at the same time. The creative instinct in them gets the much-required scope to come out through these activities. This skill of coordination helps your child learn other daily activities faster like writing, typing and even tying shoes. Simultaneously, the fine motor coordination skills are developed through art supplies that come in different shapes and require your child to cut them into various patterns.

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Once these craft supplies grab the attention of your child and evoke an interest in them, they keep glued to them for hours altogether. This, in turn, helps them in being more patient and concentrate deeper into the task at hand. Of course, patience is something your child will need to practice throughout life and this can be a great start at that. Parents should ideally sit with their child and introduce them to these art-related stuff. As such, it can be a great bonding time with your child when both of you get to know each other better and gradually move towards learning the greater skills of life, together.

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