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The Amazing Development of Television

It’s been decades since the first televisions in Singapore broadcasted their first program. Back then, the box-shaped appliances showed black and white to sepia shows limited to no-audio capabilities. Fast forward to many years later, and the television now is one of the primary forms of entertainment each family has on their household. Flat screens have long since replaced most of their analog counterparts, boasting impressive and high quality specs with much cheaper prices. And of course, with the evolution of what the appliance can do for us now also come with the changes of how we buy and watch our televisions today.

Televisions Singapore: Keeping Every Household Entertained

There’s a wealth of technology put inside each of the TVs produced today. These modern appliances now come in different variants, each showing different specs to cater to different consumers. Some TVs are great for watching movies. Others can display games without a hitch. Some have 3D features and even show realistic definitions. It is not surprising that all these years, the tech groups have made a lot of progress to one of the highest forms of entertainment in Singapore. What more technological breakthroughs can happen on the television in the future? These brands can only further surprise us.

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    LCD TV

  • Product overview: The liquid crystal display, or LCD, is the device that started the advancement of the television manufacturing. The TV uses the technology found on smartphones, and are implemented onto the HD screens of today’s televisions.
  • Technical features: The LCD TV is widely considered as the pioneer of the new type of TVs developed in the market. The LCD panel supports both analog and digital formats of content, and are quite affordable to make and develop.
  • Connectivity: The TV connects to other devices via VGA, DVI, RCA, and HDMI ports. The TV is also suitable when hooked up with a DVD and Blu-Ray player.


  • Product overview: The LED-Backlit LCD TV, or simply LED TV is a subtype of the first brand. This LCD TV uses light emitting diodes to power up the LCD, making this variant a more energy-saving type version of its counterpart. The LED technology installed also allows the TV to perform better than Cathode LCDs.
  • Technical features: The LED is the better half of the LCD. This TV converts extra power to enhance the other specs of the digital TV, allowing you to watch Full-HD shows on its display. This type of TV also comes in different screen sizes.
  • Connectivity: Unlike, the LCD, this TV is more digital than analog, only connecting through VGA, DVI, USB, and HDMI connections. The LED TV is also the best option to hook up your gaming consoles due to its HD display.

    3D Smart TV

  • Product overview: The Smart TV is one of the newer lines of LED TVs, this time, having accessibility to the Internet. This allows you to download apps, and run programs to make your viewing experience much better. You can also use the TV to watch online videos on YouTube, and purchase content from the Internet to view directly.
  • Technical features: Majority of the Smart TVs also offer 3D capabilities. This built-in feature is optional, and can be accessed if you want to watch your favorite shows in 3D. The Smart TV can also properly stream content coming from your computer or external device.
  • Connectivity: The Smart TV can connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi, or through a LAN cable. The television also has ports for HDMI, VGA, and USB connections.