Find all the essentials for your home from 3M Official Store

Running a home is not as easy as it might seem. You need a hundred little things to go about your chores with ease and take care of loved ones too. This is the reason why the 3M Official Store is so popular in Singapore today. From picture hangers and sponges for cleaning dishes to shower caddies, brooms, adhesives, and even injury support items, the collection offered by this seller is vast. You will find post-it notes, air purifiers, scissors, face masks and even tech accessories here. All the items are sourced from reliable brands and they are durable. 3M products like toilet brushes and glass cleaning solutions can also come in handy.   

Now, washing dirty dishes is a chore that no one really enjoys. However, with a 3M sponge, this can be super easy and satisfying too. The sponges are perfect for coated cookware and are gentle. You can scrub greasy dishes easily with the scrub pads from this seller, even when the food residue has dried up and hardened on plates or bowls. The pads clean effectively, don’t scratch the material of the dish and can last for a long time. You will find fabric cleaners that clean up stains easily from sofas and other upholstery. These are delicate and will not harm the fabric. You can also buy lint rollers which especially come in handy to give your winter garments a neat and trendy look. 

Get hold of useful products at attractive prices

Injury support products are a wise buy from this seller. After all, you never know when you might hurt your elbow, knee or ankle, whether you are at home or outside. These injury support items help you heal faster from hairline fractures, pain, and swelling. Problems like tennis elbow can also be controlled with these braces. Arm sling, back supports, and cervical collars are also some other items to check out. Stock up on first aid accessories like waterproof bandages, fabric dressing, acne patches, and so on. These can be very useful when you suddenly suffer a cut or scrape. You will also find innovative and safe products for babies here, like feeding utensils that are shaped for easy grip and have no sharp edges. 

Buying from 3M Official Store is very simple now as you can log on to Lazada and explore the vast collection from the comfort of your home. We offer only genuine products and list them with detailed descriptions. You can also see customer feedbacks before making a choice. Lazada offers free shipping on all items and in case you land up with something defective or damaged, you can use our free return policy to send it back. We will refund you or send an exchange without any hassle. Our website is easy to navigate and our customer support team will help you out with any queries. 

Why choose 3M Official Store?

· The seller offers a huge range of products including cleaning products, bathroom accessories, baby feeding utensils, health aids, tech accessories, etc. 

· All products are of high quality and durable.

· The products are worth your money and aesthetic.