Nourishing supplements for children and adults from Abbott

While breastfeeding is definitely the best source of nutrition for babies, there are a lot of reasons why breast milk can be either unavailable or insufficient in a new mother. In such cases, formula feeds are obvious choices. Formula feeds are created by mimicking the taste and ingredients of breast milk and these help babies grow into stronger adults. As your child grows, you can switch over to other food-based supplements that help him maintain his weight and height. These supplements are all age-appropriate and ensure that your baby meets all physical and mental milestones. Nutritional formulas for adults and patients are also available these days.

Abbott is a global healthcare company that is headquartered in Illinois, USA. Apart from the different healthcare products created by this seller, its nutritional products and supplements are very popular all over the world. Similac is a baby formula brand that is a part of this company. This brand has been producing top-quality formula milk since 1925 and the products are enriched with DHA, AA, vitamin E, taurine, and choline, all of which help your child with his overall development. GROW is another formula milk brand which can supply little ones with all essential nutrients. This brand also creates flavored milk. If you are looking for supplements for kids with lactose intolerance, then pick up the tins of Isomil. These are made of soy.

Stay immune and healthy with the right food supplements

In today’s world, natural food might not always provide your child the needed nutrition. This is especially true for kids who are fussy eaters. Pediasure is a perfect supplement for kids who never finish their meals. A glass of milk with this product dissolved in it will take care of your child’s daily nutritional needs. Glucerna, on the other hand, is a supplement for adults with diabetes. Diabetic people often struggle with choosing the right carbohydrates that do not spike their sugar levels yet keep them full. This product has a low GI index and releases sugar slowly. Another adult supplement that you will love is ProSure. This is for cancer patients suffering from weight loss. Every glass of this supplement gives you 340 dense calories enriched with omega 3s and proteins. And Ensure is a muscle building and energy-giving supplement which can be used as a meal replacement drink too.

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