Upgrade your bathroom’s décor with Asia Excel Pte Ltd

Bathroom fittings are an important part of bathroom décor. If you want to upgrade the look of your bathroom or renovate it, changing the fittings can do fifty percent of the task. Installing a brand-new faucet or simply changing the taps can give your bathroom an entirely new look and Asia Excel Pte Ltd has brought to you some of the best products. Not only are the bathroom fittings affordable but also far better than rebuilding the entire bathroom. From sleek and streamlined looks, to strongly ethnic appearances, this store is ready to provide you with a huge stock of bathroom fixtures to choose from. The flow of water is controlled with the help of levers in the taps and the tap heads are also available at this store.

Separate hot and cold-water taps have a lot of disadvantages and thus basin mixers are very important. The basin mixer of the store is one of the best products you will get in the market. When you have different taps, you will have to do the mixing yourself and this wastes a considerable amount of time. But if you have a mixer on the tap, the hot and cold water will get mixed, thus producing water of optimal temperature. The water will come out through a single flow instead of coming out of two different taps. The excellent bathroom tapware available on this store has an affordable price range and also unmatched quality. You will also get shower heads and shower hose. The shower heads are available in a variety of shapes and being made from stainless steel, they have an extended durability.

Asia Excel Pte Ltd is ready to give you products in an affordable price range

You will also get high quality water heaters from this store which are available with a variety of features that will make the interior walls of the heater corrosion resistant and long-lasting. The heaters also have a temperature control knob which will let you set the temperature at your desired level. The heaters also have a safety feature with which it will automatically cut the power when the temperature of the heater reached the maximum level. In case of pressure overshoots, the heater is available to relieve the pressure and prevent any form of accidents. The heating element is of superior quality and suitable for hard water conditions.

So, if you are looking for household products like range hood or bathroom fixtures, get all products from this store on Lazada without any hassle at all. Our website also provides a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use for even a layman. We will also provide you with multiple payment options. This ensures that if you like a product you don’t have to back down because of the lack of payment options. The payment gateway offered by us is also secured and so your information will remain safe. You can also avail the free return policy in case you receive a product that is defective. Shipping is free on all products

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