AV One houses some of the best audio visual equipment

AV One has every potential to improve the living quality of all its users through high quality visual and audio equipment. The company was formed in 1998 and was orchestrated to spread the desire of sound making derived from high-quality systems. Recently the company has also been awarded with the THX Certificate and thus distributes a wide variety of lifestyle products including audio, high-definition digital, home cinema, 3D projection, and karaoke systems. The key ingredient which makes the company stand out in the market competition is the fact that despite constant pressure of the market, the company refuses commercialization and retains a warm familial setting. As a result, the service provided by the brand is what has brought them a lot of popularity within the audio visual industry. Having its roots in the country, AV One maintains a strong market base in Singapore as it gave the locals a taste of high-quality audio visual equipment for the passionate music lovers. The company currently has over 7000 commissioned commercial projects in its portfolio making it the most talked about brand in the market.

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Improve your lifestyle through high-quality music accessories

The desktop speaker stand is manufactured using 3mm rugged steel plate and is finished with resilient, non-smudging and non-reflective black powder coat. The retaining lip on the front of the speaker stand helps in aligning the speaker with the stand and also helps in preventing it from sliding off. The places of contact between the desktop surfaces and the speaker are lined with a foam tape which protects the surface. It also provides a useful and unique function of bonding the mating surfaces of the speaker and the stand. The stands are correctly designed and positioned to avoid the chances of falling off if and when disturbed.

AV One has a huge collection of mobile accessories in its portfolio including headphones, earphones, Bluetooth music receiver, USB cables, intelligent flight battery, and music player. The accessories are of excellent quality and greatly help in maximizing the experience of your mobile phones. All these accessories are available for purchase online on Lazada. The portal offers its users with free shipping along with other deals, thus making shopping easy and hassle-free. Also if you are not satisfied with your product after delivery, you can simply return the product as the company offers its users with a free return policy on every order.

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