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Do you need new cycle pedals or some new lights? Don’t worry as Bike31 is here to your rescue. They have some of the top-notch bicycle products and accessories from recognized bicycle brands. The cycling gear available here also includes helmets and locks. The store has an entire range of cool and comfortable helmets that are very much lightweight. The helmets have a tough polycarbonate shell, but on the inside, they have a special impact absorbing foam. You can also custom fit the tension of these helmets so that you can stay comfortable. The aerodynamic profile of the helmets is what makes them unique. The helmets have exhaust channels inside that allow the flow of air to keep you cool.

The bike reflectors will make your bike visible even while you are riding in the dark. This is very much essential for the safety of the rider. If you are riding at night or you have gone for some adventurous biking, you need to make yourself visible to other riders as well to prevent any accident and that is where these reflectors come of help. You will also get padded gloves that have got a shockproof layer. The abrasion-resistant palm material makes these gloves perfect for biking. They are machine washable too, so you won’t face any problem with cleaning them. These gloves are provided with compression at the right places so as to give you a comfortable fit and they won’t obstruct your hands while biking.

This store has some of the most advanced bike parts

If you are looking for the best bike pumps, then too this store has some amazing options in store for you. The valves sit strong so that you do not have to suffer from any annoying leaks. The pumps also have easy reading. They have a long steel barrel which ensures that more air can be pushed inside and thus the process becomes faster and easier. You can set the desired pressure easily on these pumps. The oversized handle in some of the models makes pumping seem like a cakewalk. If you want to use these pumps to inflate pool floats and soccer balls, then too you can. You will also get mini pumps that can be kept attached to your bike and are thus portable.

If you are wondering where to avail the best bike parts do not worry as they are available on Lazada Singapore. Our website is becoming increasingly popular owing to its user-friendly interface. You will not face any problem in checking out the features as well because everything is clearly listed. Our website will also deliver the products at your doorstep without charging anything extra for it. You will get multiple payment options too in case you have a problem in paying with one mode of payment. Moreover, if you receive a defective product, Lazada Singapore will give you a free return policy where you will get a refund.

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