Take mobile photography to a whole new level with Bitplay camera lens

In today’s times, smartphones are equipped with good quality cameras and are commonly used for clicking clear and sharp photos. With the growing popularity of smartphone photography, companies have come up with superior quality lens attachments that help you capture all the memorable moments. If you are looking for a phone camera lens and other accessories, you can find an amazing collection at Bitplay. This popular brand has premium HD wide angle lens, premium HD telephoto lens, premium HD macro lens, M52 filter lens collection, and many more products that take smartphone photography to the professional level. The brand also has lens cases, daypacks, wooden grips, and straps.

Lazada offers a good collection of smartphone lenses from the brand so you can check the available options and choose the right ones for your phone. For example, the AllClip + premium HD wide-angle lens is compatible with smartphones having a width ranging from 58mm – 80mm. It can be installed on the front as well as the back camera of most Apple and Android phones. The lens will not block your phone’s screen when you use it in conjunction with your smartphone camera. The brand also has AllClip + standard wide angle + macro lens that is compatible with most smartphones available on the market. This smartphone camera lens is easy to operate and has a durable and scratch-proof design. 

A wide range of lens and filters to choose from

If you are looking for filters, the M52 CPL filter from the brand is a good option. The filter blocks light from the vertical direction and allows only the horizontal lights to go through. You can adjust the lighting by rotating the filter lens and avoid glares on glass and water surfaces. It captures blue skies and white clouds better by filtering out the unwanted glow. The filter renders better color and delivers a dramatic effect. Standard fisheye + macro mobile camera lens produces strong visual distortion for creating a hemispherical image. It is good for capturing images of pets, insects, and flowers. The brand also has a case for carrying HD lenses easily. It is made of anti-collision materials and has EVA padding for good protection. 

Thanks to Lazada, you can easily buy mobile phone lens from Bitplay even without stepping out of your home. We list products under separate categories and with detailed descriptions and clear images. You can also check the reviews section and select the right products accordingly. Payment can be done through cash or card. All online transactions pass through a secured payment gateway to keep your sensitive data protected from unauthorized users. If you choose the cash on delivery option, you can pay when the product is delivered to your doorstep. We offer free shipping services to our customers. In case you receive anything in a damaged condition, you can use our free returns policy and send it back to us. 

Why choose Bitplay?

· Bitplay offers premium quality lens for smartphone cameras

· It also has filters, grips, lens cases, and more

· The products are compatible with most smartphones