Colgate promises to take comprehensive care of your oral health

Dental or oral health and hygiene can often get ignored for many of us, given our busy lifestyles and the fact that we often rush to work after meals. It is not until we suffer from several dental problems that we start realizing the need to take care of our oral hygiene and dental health. You can avoid a possible visit to the dentist and a painful procedure of dealing with dental trouble by using the best quality oral care products regularly. And speaking of oral health, Colgate is definitely the brand that comes to our mind. It has been offering a wide range of dental and oral care products for many decades and is also continuously innovating to bring you newer and more effective products.

While the brand is primarily known for its toothpaste, the Colgate mouthwash is an excellent doctor recommended oral hygiene product that you should use daily. When you wash your mouth with this solution every time you eat/drink something, you are guaranteed of a 24 hour protection from germs and bacteria. In fact, the mouthwash, much like any other Colgate toothpaste, kills 99% of the bacteria on contact. The wash further reduces the aerosolized oral bacteria, thereby reducing plaque and gingivitis. It fights the possibilities of bad breath and leaves your mouth with a cool and fresh breath that makes you more confident too. Use it as directed for the best results.

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The Colgate Optic White toothpaste is another exemplary product from the brand. It is a breakthrough formula that makes your teeth whiter in as less as 3 days, if used as directed. The formula contains the professional recommended whitening ingredient called hydrogen peroxide, which is also completely safe. Apart from helping you get whiter teeth and a sparkling smile always, its daily use protects enamel and provides anti-cavity fluoride protection too. Even the Colgate toothbrush is not your conventional toothbrush, but something with the ideal bristles to reach the deepest parts of your mouth.

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Why choose Colgate?

· The brand is a globally known provider of oral and dental care products.

· It brings you a huge variety of products including mouthwashes, toothbrushes, toothpastes, and so on.

· All the products from the brand are highly effective and safe for usage.