Corlison brings you the right personal care products and cleaning supplies

We use many personal care products and cleaning supplies on a day-to-day basis. Soaps, shower gels, toothpaste, moisturizers, detergents, and more are some of the many products that we cannot do without. If you want to buy quality beauty and cleaning products, Corlison has almost everything that you might need. The store sells products of reputed brands like Method, Pearlie White, Ecover, Wisdom, Full Circle, and more to help you get the best in one place. Most of these products are available in different colors, sizes, and at various prices so you can choose the ones that best match your requirements. Now, Corlison offers a wonderful range of products in Singapore and other countries. As a seller on Lazada for more than four years, the store has an impressive positive seller rating of 93% that speaks volumes about its products and services.

Some of the products are available at discounted rates, so shopping on Lazada can save your time as well as money. For instance, the Pearlie White powdered tooth whitener and stain remover is available at 40% off. This cordless product removes plague and tooth stains easily. It comes with five polishing cups and two AA batteries. If you are looking to buy a good interdental toothbrush, the Pearlie White compact interdental brush at 35% off is a great buy. It has extra soft bristles that cleanse sensitive teeth and gums gently. This convenient and portable brush also has a plastic cap for hygiene reasons. Using it daily can keep cavities, bad breath and problems like bleeding gums at bay.

A mind-boggling range of options to choose from

Looking for a good shower gel? Use the Method refreshing body wash for a clean and refreshing feeling. Loaded with the goodness of avocado extracts and vitamin E, the body wash cleanses skin deeply and leaves it moisturized. The Koyo Kasei Gira Gira Kun facial sheet at 37% off is perfect for removing sweat and odor from the skin in no time. The presence of menthol and caffeine lends a cool and refreshing look instantly. Essano gentle foaming facial cleanser is a wonderful soap-free product that cleans skin gently and replenishes its natural moisture barrier. Enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera gel and vitamin E, the Method foaming hand wash is perfect for removing dirt from hands. The Method all-purpose cleaner – ginger yuzu is great for cleaning non-porous surfaces such as tiles, wood, stones, glass, and counters. Containing naturally derived ingredients, this product effectively removes grease and grime.

You can now buy Corlison products anytime, anywhere, from the online portal Lazada. The website neatly lists products under different brands and categories for easy browsing and quick purchase. You can take a look at the detailed descriptions to know more about product features and ingredients. Online transactions are absolutely safe on Lazada too, thanks to the secure payment gateway. You can also choose the cash on delivery option and pay when you receive the product. Shipping is free and we also offer a free return policy for damaged products. Getting a quick refund is now hassle-free. Shop for the right products in no time on Lazada!