Store your secret keys of crypto-currencies with CRYPTO Wallet

Crypto wallets have become indispensable for people who deal with crypto-currencies. They store the secret keys that are used to sign in for all kinds of transactions in crypto-currencies. These are an important part of the crypto-currency world as these are the only way to prove ownership of a crypto-currency account. Not only does it keep the keys safe but it also stores the address where a particular asset resides. Customers can get a digital wallet app or a hardware-based wallet. Those customers who are looking for a hardware-based crypto-currency wallet in Singapore can now buy CRYPTO Wallet from leading online shopping websites. 

Customers can buy from CRYPTO Wallet and protect their crypto assets. This particular wallet supports multi-currency and can be used for Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Ethereum. Customers can conveniently connect it to any computer using a USB. This ledger wallet has an embedded and secure OLED display that double-checks every transaction through one tap on its side buttons. It even comes with PIN protection and has a paper wallet backup. This backup comes in immensely useful when the user needs an immediate recovery of the assets in case the device gets lost or somehow gets destroyed. Buyers can even use this wallet for third-party apps such as FIDO U2F, SSH, GPG or build their own. 

Use Ledger wallet Nano S to store details about your crypto-currency 

Users can protect all their confidential data related to crypto-currencies and have access to their fund through Ledger Nano S. This wallet is operated by a state-of-the-art Secure Element that can only be opened with a secure PIN. It is compatible with Electrum, Mycelium, Copay, MyEtherWallet, and GreenBits. Customers can choose from colors such as matte black, saffron yellow, flamingo pink, jade green, and lagoon blue. Users can directly manage 22 coins through this wallet. It is even fully certified by the French cyber-security agency ANSSI. The wallet is made from stainless steel and brushed plastic and is very sturdy. 

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