Orient Photo Pte Ltd provides camera accessories at exciting prices

Photography is a very rewarding hobby that renders you with the pleasure of capturing fleeting moments and keeping them preserved for a lifetime. A professional photographer devotes much time and energy into mastering the art of photography. However, apart from his/her own skills and expertise, a photographer needs the right kind of camera, lens and accessories that play a crucial role in determining the end result. There is no denying the fact that photography is also quite an expensive hobby because of the high prices of these items. That is why the Orient Photo Pte Ltd store brings to you a range of such products with enormous discounts online.

So, if the photographer’s soul in you is waiting to know about what the store can offer you, here goes the list. To begin with, let’s talk about the DSLR lens, which happens to constitute the very basis of what a camera is all about. Accordingly, you can get the EF Mount Lens that boasts an aperture range of f/1.4 to f/32 and one GMo aspherical element. The lens also has an air sphere and fluorine coatings coupled with ring-type ultrasonic motor AF system. The good news is that this otherwise expensive item comes to you with a 10% discount flat on its price. On the other hand, the Sigma 35 mm lens boasts as much as 21% discount on its price. The hypersonic motor of the lens with a floating internal focus system gives you an excellent experience that you will cherish forever.

Get branded accessories from Orient Photo Pte Ltd online

Lens is not the only thing that you need with respect to your camera. A tripod is also an important piece of equipment and you can get a good quality one like the Manfrotto Compact Action model with a discount of 59%, which implies that you get this amazing product at less than half its original price. Among the other commonplace but necessary accessories is a camera case. Even the cases that are meant to hold the memory cards and keep them organized are also brought forth by the store. An example is the Memory Card Hard Case suitable for CF, SD, MSD and XQD cards. This too is available with 28% discount, letting you strike a great deal.

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