Premium cleaning products in Singapore from Eluxgo Holdings Pte Ltd

Cleaning products are always in demand. This is because the entire atmosphere is filled with dirt and microbes and without good cleaning essentials, you will be living amidst infectious organisms, grime, and dust. There are millions of people in the world with a dust allergy and the only way to keep this condition at bay is by keeping the surroundings clean. When you have kids and the elderly at home, cleaning has to be done with more vigor. Thanks to several good brands that produce cleaning appliances and products, maintaining the house neat is not a very cumbersome task anymore.

Eluxgo Holdings Pte Ltd is a brand that was founded in the year 2007 in Ningbo Cixi in China. This brand created its first manufacturing unit here and started working on creating vacuum cleaners that came with helical centrifugal separation feature. Now, the brand has established into a very successful business unit and you can buy vacuum cleaners, car vacuums, mops, and different accessories for these appliances. When you buy from Eluxgo Holdings Pte Ltd, you are getting products that go through multiple levels of research and testing. This means that your products will always remain the best performers.

Start using powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaners for better performance

There are two basic kinds of vacuum cleaners that this brand offers. They are corded and cordless varieties. The corded variants have a cable length of 5 meters and this makes it very easy to use all around the room. You get multiple accessories like the floor brush, the crevice tool, the angled brush and the mattress and bed brush with these models. The cordless models are very lightweight and can be handled with just one hand. These run on rechargeable batteries. The magic mops from this brand are very useful tools to have at home. The scrubber pad is powerful and removes all debris easily. This can be used to clean all surfaces like ceramics, marble, hardwood, and tiles. You can buy essential vacuum cleaner accessories also from this brand. In case of a lost or a damaged part, you can easily replace it and maintain the cleaners as brand new.

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Why choose Eluxgo Holdings Pte Ltd?

● This is an international award-winning brand.

● The products of this brand are sold in different countries in Asia and in other continents.

● Quality and performance warranties are available for all these products.