Mother Nature’s best ingredients are combined in Eumora soap bars

A couple of decades ago, people used the same soap bars for their bodies and faces. As the beauty industry started exploring the reasons for facial skin issues like dryness and dullness, the reason pointed out was the use of harsh soaps on the gentle skin. Since then, facial cleansers and exclusive creams for cleaning the facial skin became famous. So, right now, special bars or soaps for the facial skin are in high demand, all over Singapore. Facial bars are blocks of cleansers that can be applied just like soap on the face. These are affordable, highly moisturizing and are great to maintain a beautiful and fuss-free skin tone. 

Eumora is a brand that creates these amazing facial bars. This product is in fact, claimed to be Southeast Asia’s best-kept beauty secret and is out for the world to follow at present. The name of the brand is derived from two words – Europe and Moor. Clay moor which is found in Europe is called Heilerde or healing clay. This is extracted from the deepest layers of the earth’s surface and is nutrient rich and does absolute wonders to the skin. The natural herbal complex that the clay contains is great for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. If you have been suffering from dry, itchy, spotty or dull skin, definitely try the Eumora soap. 

Give your skin the nutrition it requires to keep it healthy

The main Eumora soap benefit is that it kickstarts the skin’s natural defense and boosts cell energy with regular usage. Many people forget that their skin needs nutrition too, just like the body does. All the needed goodness for your skin’s revival and nourishment is available in the clay moor source. The second ingredient that this soap uses is hydration micro-algae. Algae is a natural substance found in aquatic surroundings. Algae contains complex compounds and valuable minerals that you can enjoy by using this soap. The hydration algae, in particular, moisturizes and nourishes the skin like no other product does. You can now buy the facial bar of Eumora in Singapore easily.

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Why choose Eumora?

· The soap of this brand is great for all skin types and safe too.

· The brand uses natural ingredients to create its products.

· The soaps from this brand are in demand globally.