Become fashionably active with Fitbit watches

Modern life brings you countless responsibilities every day. From getting your work done on time at the office to completing essential household chores and taking care of children or pets, you probably are too busy to take care of yourself! But, staying healthy is the only way you can be ready for all life’s challenges. So, Fitbit brings you sleek and trendy smartwatches that show much more than just time. Lightweight and precisely designed, these watches act as fitness or activity trackers that monitor your heart rate, show exercises or workouts, and even track sleep patterns. They are available in cool hues such as silver, rose gold, ruby rose, white, black, grey, purple and so on.  

Fitbit watches are all Bluetooth enabled, feature GPS, and you can set personalized reminders. These are waterproof and hence can be worn while swimming. With these watches, you can make the most of guided breathing sessions, check on all your activities from a dashboard, and get notifications about calls, mails, and messages. Buy a Fitbit watch if you wish to monitor your health-wise progress in style. These usually have a battery life that exceeds 4 days, and you can also listen to your favorite tunes while working out. You will also come across accessory bands in metal mesh, links or polyester. You can buy these when you simply wish to replace your current band and not the entire watch.  

Get hold of the latest Fitbit watches to stay fit

Wondering which model to buy when it comes to smartwatches? Choose Fitbit Charge that tracks your heart rate all day round and enables contactless payments. The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters and can have up to 7 days of battery life. This watch can recognize exercises like swims, runs and elliptical automatically, track periods and ovulation cycle, provide weather forecasts, and show you the number of calories burned. The Fitbit Flex is also a great buy as it calculates the steps taken, hours slept and lets you sync your statistics wirelessly. This watch has a silent wake alarm too. 

Now, Lazada makes it very simple to buy these smartwatches at attractive prices, without any hassle. We list only genuine products with all their specifications so that you can choose wisely. You can also pick from various payment modes, including cash on delivery. We offer free shipping on all purchases and you can also avail free returns if you receive something damaged or defective. Our portal is easy to navigate too, and we have a secure payment gateway so that your sensitive information stays protected. You can also go through customer reviews before you place an order.  

Why choose Fitbit?

· The brand is known widely for its stylish, sleek and durable smartwatches

· The watches can track heart rate, sleep patterns, calories burned, steps taken, show exercises, convey smartphone notifications and more

· Women can keep a track of their menstrual and ovulation cycles with these watches