Specialty stationery from Fullmark Pte Ltd

If you did not give a second thought about buying stationery for your home or office needs, you should start picking them the right way from now on. The stationery that you use can define you and make you feel and look special. If you are handwriting a note to a friend, a family member or to your peers, the right paper and pen make a big difference to how the information is conveyed. This is true also with the paper or ink you use for printing official documents or school assignments.

Fullmark Pte Ltd is a seller on Lazada's website that deals exclusively with stationeries and craft essentials. The seller has been on the ecommerce site’s platform for more than 2 years now. It has a 92% positive rating and a 100% shipping on time rating from genuine customers. You can pick from correction liquids and pens, inkjet inks, highlighters, markers, tapes, glue and adhesives, bubble wraps, school stationery sets, papers and fax machines from this seller’s page, all at reduced prices. Buy from the Fullmark Pte Ltd page and you will have the confidence that you are using the best stationery in the country.

Highlighters and pens that encourage you to write more

If your kid loves arts and crafts, then adhesives and glue are a must have at home. When you choose such adhesives, make sure they are non-messy to use and strong after application. The Fullmark all purpose glue stick can be used for school work, for college assignments and for sticking envelopes in offices. If you have several people wanting to use these sticks every day, get the 20 piece glue stick set. This is non-toxic and clear to use too. The actual MRP of the 20 piece pack is SGD 38. After a 58% discount, you can buy the same for SGD 15.99 from the website. Highlighters help bring your focus to a particular sentence in books. These can be used as coloring tools too. The 9 piece Fullmark Fluorescent Highlighter set is a value saving investment. This comes in colors orange, yellow and green and has a 59% discount on the website now.

The Fullmark Premium Inkjet Mirror Gloss Photo Paper comes in A4 size and will make you fall in love with the print outs taken. The 3 set value pack on Lazada Singapore has a 56% discount and helps you save SGD 25 with the purchase. Free shipping is offered for every purchase you make online from the website. If you need the product delivered very quickly, priority shipping can also be opted for. All products from the seller also adhere to the free returns policy. This helps you have more trust in the seller.